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Fluorescent Lamp Answered

Here is an art project from some designers that I came across and have been trying to reverse engineer. If anyone has any idea's on how to power and connect the fluorescent tube it would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a description from the web:

 Design duo Mischer’Traxler, Wien | Austria, started their project to focus on light sources and came up with the idea to combine two lamps into one. This way they created a new design that uses a energy-efficient fluorescent tube bulb and gives the lamps a whole new character. The name of this lamp is ‘Relumine‘ and plays on the fact that we all have to switch from old light bulbs to new energy saving light sources. The fun and challenge is to combine different type of lamps, like a hanging pendant with a floor lamp, a floor lamp with a desk lamp or different heights and hardware.

Each Relumine uses two, discarded lamps, which are disassembled, sanded, newly lacquered and adapted with newer technology, before they are connected by a glass tube which holds the fluorescent tube. Together these two lamps need less energy than each one in its previous life.



5 years ago

mpilch is correct ( easy peezy rev-eng ) but Now
this art is much to scattered for my taste.
A floating light saber .... ahaa that would be truly art for a space in my abode.


Easy! Many of those tubes only need the ballast wired to the 2 prongs on one side of the tube and a short across the prongs on the other side. That is if they are actual florescent bulbs and not LED replacements. If they are LED replacements than you won't need the ballast at all and you can power the bulbs from 1 side directly.