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Fluorescent tube starter question Answered

i m really really curious about something
you know the starter switch used in fluorescent tubes have a glass "bulb/tube" with a bimetalic strip i know what that is for but i dont understand what the coil beside the "bulb/tube" is for, and it feels like a coil but i think its more of a piece of metal wrapped i n plastic  


thanks a lot every one.. i finally understand it .. after 2 months >.<

i looked there but it does not explain the part i m referring to the flat piece OUTSIDE of the glass tube.. its connected parallel to the glass tube/bulb of the starter

a picture of exactly what you're talking about might help too.

are you talking about something like this ? if so, i bet that's the "optional radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression capacitor" that was mentioned in caitlinsdad's link to howstuffworks

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