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Foam Mascots Answered

Hi, I'm researching ways to make a foam mascot. My main problem right now is trying to find places that sell large pieces of foam, like upholstery foam or some kind of polyfoam. I've been looking through a few cosplay resources but haven't really found any good ones that deal with foam. Does anybody have any experience with this?



10 years ago

Beware that you do NOT want to cut polyurethane foam (most upholstery type foam, some floral foam) with a hot-knife type implement; it'll release nasty fumes. I've seen significant sized pieces of soft foam in fabric stores, where it tends to be rather pricey. Or you could try gutting old furniture... For large quantities of styrofoam (rigid) foam for free, try a hot-tub or large-screen TV store; they end up paying way too much to throw it away (essentially, by volume.) Or you can get sheets up to about 48x96x2 inches sold as home insulation...

I think home depot sells sheets of foam. Otherwise, go to an upholsterer and ask them where they get theirs, or if they'd sell you a bit.