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Focal 'Standing' Chair knock-off Answered

I'd very much like to take a crack at building a homemade version of this 'Standing' chair:

But until I can get a garage of my own, I thought I'd put it to you folks.

I was thinking a cheap saddle stool would be a good place to start:

It's the base hinge that kind of stumps me.  What do you guys think?


thats a really cool desk, definitely want to make something like that for myself, will definitely start designing it tomorrow , good question the base is a little weird

i think caitlinsdad is on to something with the ball and socket and some springs,

a seat kinda like this i would think is what hes talking about

seat design.png

just checking back to see if you came up with anything fun?

you could find a coil spring like those for car shocks. Mount the tube end inside of it. It would be self--righting.

unfortunately my dad recently decided to "renovate" his shop so all of the tool are in one unreachable corner so i havent been working on it

and you dont want it to be self righting in all the axis you only want it self righting left to right front to back it should be able to move fairly easily

JJ Loy

6 years ago

This is exciting! Thanks for your help so far, you two!

It might take a bit of welding to put together the joints but other methods such as bolting the thing would make it bulkier. You are looking at some kind of ball joint or at least something that can pivot forward and backward at the base. It might be mounted on some kind of spring fixed at the base and pinned in the tube so that it goes back to the upright position. The seat can be on a ball joint at the top of the post or at least something that can be adjusted in two axes. Look for a tractor seat, IKEA has a stool like that. Good luck.