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Fog Machine? Answered

Hi! I would like to make a small, cheap fog machine, but I have no acess to dry ice. Hmm. What a pickle... Any Ideas???



7 years ago

I'm actually planning on making a smoke machine, and the method I'm using is this: I'm going to use gravity to feed a fog solution (30% glycerin, 70% water) into a copper coil (the outlet of the coil will be above the water level to prevent the liquid just squirting out). the coil will be wrapped around the heating element in a soldering iron. I might buy a dimmer switch to adjust the heat on the iron, but I don't think it will be necessary. that way, when the liquid flows via gravity into the coil, the iron heats it, it expands, then it goes out the outlet, allowing more liquid in. repeats until liquid is used up.


8 years ago

You can get basic hot-fog machines for about $20 at party/novelty stores. These use a special liquid which condenses rapidly; I seem to remember that it's an oil suspension of some sort but I don't have details. (Some model trains used to use a very similar fluid so the engines could puff stream out their smokestacks; I don't know whether that's still true.)

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