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Foldable floating house for two Answered

Hello everyone. I have plans for foldable and floating house fit for 2 people with WC, 2 beds, 2 fishing chairs with tables and maybe a bbq :) I dont have the money to build it but its a dream of mine. I'll be happy if someone is interested and actually build this thing. when folded its 250sm / 150sm / 50 sm h.
For the materials i can use steinless steal squares for base, old inner tires for support, light aluminium rods for the roof, some watter resistent fabric for the walls and some custom made beds and tables.
I'm working on pictures with some lame architecture program and i'm posting them as soon as i can. I also have schematics of the joints and locking systems ... well if anyone is interested let me know


Wow, really cool idea! I like tiny houses, for some reason.

Great idea, what is supposed to make this floating house float though? with a certain weight you have to have a certain amount of buoyancy, correct?

5 inner tires maybe bigger than ordinary size all attached to the base with ropes or chains ... its still on paper :)