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Folding Edible Flowers? Answered

 I'd like to make some edible flowers from some type foodie material, like pie dough or egg roll wrappers. is this possible? if so, are there any other materials I  could use?


Note that some flowers *are* edible, if you get them from a source that hasn't loaded them with pesticide. I harvest my rose and tiger-lily petals; the former go into tea, the latter into my "pseudonesian" cooking experiments. (They're one of the ingredients in my recipe for hot-and-sour soup.)

Websearch for "edible flowers" will find more on that topic, I'm sure.

You can certainly make flowers out of pastry, but you might want to start off easier with radishes and perhaps fruit leather/fruit-roll-ups.  There are also those fruit bouquet made from essentially cutting flower shapes and layering them onto each other.