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Following members? Answered

Please advise me on how to stop following someone's Instructables. I picked "follow" but I don't like a blanket approach. I prefer to browse.


In your profile, look for the Following (ugh) link in below your images. Each username will have a red [x] next to it, which you can use to remove it.

Thanks for that . Once you know about it , it seems so obvious.

Click "You".

Look to the left, see the list of "Quick Links", click "Following".

A list of those you are following appears - clicking the [x] beside a name will stop you following them.

Urgh. I posted exactly the same information, but with the "click" parts as active links (URLs), at 8:58 pm last night. Caught in the filters :-(

Not Kiteman again. Beat you to it.

Thanks for that. I don't know why I seem to find the simplest of actions difficult to get right. I had never spotted the Quick links before.