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Food & Gestational Diabetes Answered

I found out 2 days ago that I might be at risk for gestational diabetes (getting diabetes while pregnant.  Usually goes away after baby is born).  My doc suggested that I try a diabetic diet and I've looked up many great recipes and ideas but I was wondering if the Instructables community has any input.  Do any of you have diabetes?  How do you figure out what to eat?

So I'm turning to Instructables for healthy alternatives for everyday eats. I know the basics, everything in moderation, leafy greens, eat colors of the rainbow, exercise, low carb intake, water, water, water - all that jazz.  Do you guys have any favorite healthy recipes or instructables you've tried and enjoyed?  I need to be eating 2200 healthy calories to keep baby strong and give myself a ton of energy.  I get tested again in 4 months to see if I have to be put on medication or even worse, have to do insulin.  I'm going to do my best to prevent this.  

Any suggestions, tips will be appreciated.



First of all... CONGRATULATIONS on your pending arrival!!! IMO, Motherhood is the most important job on the planet. It also happens to be one of the toughest. ;-)

If I were you, I would ignore calorie intake completely and concentrate on minimizing carbs to less than 25g per day. That'll get your blood sugar under control apurado. ;-)

So exciting... When are you due?

Thanks for the advice. It sucks that I love carbs but it's for a healthy me and baby. I was kind of bummed because my first pregnancy was so easy breezy and this one is totally different. Oh well. I'm due the last week of January. Seems like a long way.

I hear you on both counts. ;-)

Carbs are my favorite enemy, too. The good news is: you won't have to restrict them religiously. After a few weeks, cheating is allowed and even encouraged. Ya just can't cheat every day.

My first pregnancy was a breeze, too. The second I barely remember because I slept through the last 6 months.

January is right around the corner, girl!

lol... I remember being so anxious during my first pregnancy. I couldn't wait to have my baby... until the actual transition phase, that is. I wanted to stop the labor and try again at a later date. Ouchie!!!! 8-/

I ended up having to have a c-section with my first. She was breached, and they tried to turn her from the outside...talk about painful. As it turns out I have a deformed uterus so this one will probably be a cesarean too. Asi es la vida, pero ella es mi tesoro milagroso. Deseo que todo sera bien con este bebe tambien.

I had 2 C's, too. I was downright happy to avoid an episiotomy.

No worries for you.  Esta bien mi amiga. ;-)

Here's a weblink for you to check out. This lady is a genius at low-carb cooking.