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Food Grade epoxy for making bongs, water pipe? Answered

Hello, Im thinking about trying to make a bong or water pipe out of epoxy resin, what kind of food grade resin should I use? I cant find answer anywhere as it should be quite safe and should not give any additional taste?


Don't do it!
The resin will stain very quickly and it is next to impossible to prevent this.
Your best option is glass.

Design that I seek cannot be created with glass as its impossible. Maybe I could coat inside with something like glass? Is that possible?
Heat would never reach the resin part of the bong or waterpipe as it would have a glass stem

Use a glass bowl and epoxy the outside, that way you don't need to worry about food grade, chemical taste, or staining.

Thank you! didng thought about that before. Going to try this method!

I had a lot of High Times friends when I was in school.

You couldn't buy pipes so they made them out of soap stone and just about everything you can think of.

By the way the dryer from a refrigerator makes a great bowl it has a screen in it sand won't pass through.

Heat is not your enemy, the resins, tar and other things in the smoke is.
Blow some smoke through a clean paper towel and compare - the same happens to your resin.
Even silicone goes brown quickly if used as a sealant here.

Create a negative plaster mold in two parts so you can seperate them (if you want to make more than one).
Get a plastic "test tube drink bottle" from Ebay or similar - they are the plain form for al PET bottles.
Heat evenly and use a compressor to "blow" it into your mold.

But then I could not use technic that I want, and would still not get the design that I seek. The main point is to imprint high quality details and some materials into the tube. Resinn and tar is problem in all kinds of bongs even glass ones, would it be possible to clean cured resin with special solvents? Isopropyl alcohol is used for cleaning those kind of stuff, I think resin should not be affected by it right? And there is already some similar bongs that are made, for example : https://billowby.com/products/roll-uh-bowl-rubber-...

I just wish to make simple bong with my created design and some immersed objects into it. I already found a way to make mold and everything else, I just dont know what resin should I use and is its possible at all.
By the way, thank you for helping me!

You will know what I mean once you tried to smoke through plastic, do it long enough and it does not matter what you try to clean - it will go braownish black.
There might be resins that could resist this kind of abuse but I doubt you will find any at a feasable price.

Oh ok, thank you! maybe then there is a way to coat inside of it with something simmilar to glass?

Yes it isnt healthy to smoke and I understand that, but its my passiong to create this kind of things.


2 years ago

A clay or porcelain can be molded by hand as any epoxy in any shape and then fired.

In fact you could use the lost wax approach not to mention a 3d sun melt successive sand deposits printer.

We " the so assumed professionals " have now made enough arguments against epoxy that you are thoroughly convinced to displace conventional wisdom and go the epoxy method just to prove us wrong ;-)


2 years ago

Aside that Amazon lists over 7000 food_grade Epoxies, you need to understand that Amazon takes the manufacturers word for being food_grade.

I would be very cautious about a product whose hardener often contains carcinogenics in the chemistry.

Glass ware has stood the test of time.

It is your body, keep good historical notes for future demise reduction efforts.

Yes and I understand that I cant use just any food grade epoxy, so thats why I created this thread, to ask profesionals for theyr opinion as I want mass produce my products.

“Temperature of the combustion zone in a pipe was about 500° C.”


“The authors of the first article reported that the pyrolysis of transformer coils based on Bisphenol A epoxy resins at temperature up to 500 °C leads to the formation of as many as 50 combustion products. Four major toxic vapor products of the combustion were identified.”


as I mentioned above, flabe would never touch the resin part, I would use glass or even metal stem for that.