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Food Saver V3230 Vacuum Sealer Repair Inquiry Answered

I have a Food Saver V3230, the top rubber gasket over the liquid tray inside came loose. The manual says to contact customer service, anyone had a similar experience, know how to repair?

Thank You


My book on the v3230 food saver says the upper seal is not replaceable. I find that hard to believe because someone had to install it.

I don't own that model, mine is almost 15 years old :P But the seal should be similar. Just replace it with some peel and stick weather striping. Cover it with some aluminum duct tape if it is near the element.

Or Just contact customer service like they sugested, the number should be in the manual or the web site.

Gaskets fine, see no visible damage,,,ordering now with holidays it will be awhile,,,,,gorilla glued it in last night, looks good and will test later this am

Have you contacted customer service? They can point you in the direction of a replacement part if needed.