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Food groups Answered

A day in the culinary life of this high school/college student generally includes at least three of the four food groups. In case you missed the FDA's new pyramid, these are Pizza, Crazy Bread, Chinese food, and Dr. Pepper. This is actually an improvement from the three years before that, which had only two food groups: ramen and not-ramen. The second is at the top of the pyramid--used sparingly.

How about you? What kind of extended poor diet did you live on back in the day? or maybe even right now...


Like I tole skunkbait elswhere , I et so damn much squirrell meat as a child that my momma had to call me down outta th' trees fer bedtime !!! Yep ! Squirrell meat and poke salad , Breakfast of champions (an dirt poor hillbillys) ! Do you now how to tell how bad off a hillbilly is ? By how much egg there is in th' poke salad !!

Well, if you've got a few bucks in your pocket, the pizza and Chinese is a given. The ramen is like air or water, doesn't even need to be mentioned. But when I'm broke and hungry for real food, it's greens (preferably mustard, but also collard,turnip, and poke-salad), peas (blackeyed, crowder, or purple hull) and pigfat (jowl, hock, ear, foot or neckbone).

I love our local grocery--all sorts of greens, on sale, all the time. Good for those of us who don't have the dirt space to grow our own. And the only thing chepaer than ramen is Costco-size ramen. Six cents a pack. I'm pretty sure I'm paying more than that per cubic foot of air!

Well, I just got up. I have to leave for work in two hours. The skunkfamily is somewhere else, having fun I'm sure. I hear the ramen calling my name. Not only cheap, but versatile and foolproof.

And very good for an upset stomach, too, believe it or not.

one time on a bet I snorted an entire packet of the chicken powder...

I must say, I like the beef ramen, but I wouldn't want to have to smell it for over a day. The chicken wasn't such a great idea either. Shrimp. Now that would be bad.

I agree, Shrimp would be the worst.

No, not Dr. Pepper.....I would want the caffeine of at LEAST Mountain Dew ;-) I prefer DareDevil ® or JOLT myself but will settle for a couple of coffees :-)
Pizza is only a food group if complete: that is it must contain portabella or shittake mushrooms, pepperoni, and lots of cheese :-)

The Chinese food, or any Asian food must be able to remove paint for the heat factor, or it doesn't qualify for me either.

Ice cream would be my forth group....specifically, Moose Tracks, or Death by Chocolate.

Ah, but when you can get Dr. Pepper two liters at a time, and twenty ounces of Mountain Dew for the same price, the choice is clear. Or should I say Dr. Pepper-colored... ;)

There's still more bounce to the once in the MD ;-) But I know what you mean....the DareDevil drink is probably much more expensive then the MD.

Indeed. I'm just waiting for the local convenience mart to start stocking Red Bull. Love the stuff.

Back in the days of the Four Food Groups, they were fat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Best of all was the all-in-one -- White Russian :-)

And here I thought they were Beans, Bacon, Whiskey, and Lard. Then again, bacon doesn't go so well in an alcoholic drink.

Oh, yes...very healthy for mind, body, and perceptions of the beauty of those around you ;-> Mmmmm.....beergoggles