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For All You (model) Gun-Nuts, You Want A Gun?! I'll Give You A Gun!!! Answered

If you like K'nex, but hate trying to come up with ideas for really real K'nex weapons? Well have no fear, Thomas Cooper (and others) are here!!! I know what you are thinking, "How can this be?" or, "That's impossible!", but its true.
Actually, its not K'nex, its Lego-ah-wait a sec! These guns are uber real and eject shells (yes, they actually fire [poorly *25 ft*]) Although the instructions are sparse, if you look for them (e.g. on the aforementioned Thomas Cooper page) you will find them, and boy is it worth it.
Without further ado, the link (actually TC's page)
WARNING! THESE GUNS TAKE A LOT OF LEGOS, so be prepared for a long build and (if you dont have a lot, lot of Legos [yes, that was intended]) a lot of scrounging for pieces.
So, I hope you enjoy these guns, but dont get mad at me if the instructions aren't extremely clear (I'm not even a member of MOC pages)
(sorry, no pics)


Wow, that looks real! You did a good job on the details of this.

at first i didnt know that was a lego h&k before i saw a comment. i thought it was real one

That handle is amazing.

Crikey! Good link to post, could you drop an image in? L

there ya go, its Pybrick Replica's H&K; 416, this is version 8 of 9, there isn't much difference between them, though

are you trying to spam advertise a site? lolz, the guns are actually pretty good. I find knex easier to build lego guns with though.

Knex guns can eject shells too, and with metallics, they are also realistic.

but its not as simple, because this gun is very basic in terms of the mech