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For Aspie Members to post WWW finds Answered

The intention for this area is for members to post URLs and brief descriptions of their unique finds on the WWW which they believe would interest people with Asperger's Syndrome.

*Please include your reasons for believing the item will be of interest.

*Anything from the WWW, but not from Instructables (There is a separate area for that)

*And VERY rarely will any item here be about Asperger's Sydrome issues, support or resources.

*Very welcome will be project items or information coming from famous Aspies, Edison, Bell etc (I know they are long gone, but their ideas will be on the WWW for ever) and also appreciated will be oddball ideas or methods for Aspies to use in Instructables.

Its time now to forget other people are different from us Aspies, and begin showing how WE Aspies are different. and unique, and how some of us have ALREADY changed the world.

Below, a photo of Aspies looking left right centre, inside out, upside down, for new unique knowledge, in this case, a new kind of tree. Nothing misses us!

Refer to map, (RNZ 220 mast, (45 minutes climb to the top."))



Baby V1 flies for fun

An article from Popular Science Magazine May 1946 on a working model of Hitler's V1 pulse jet engine.

hay ive been watching air crash investigations on youtube. they are pretty interesting

Go to NASA.govt and look up CAIB and watch the short video of the tst that proved that the foam that hit Columbia on the way up punched a big hole in the leading edge of the wing, just out of sight of the cockpit windows Let me know if you can not find it. I have been in hospital

for falling over every few minutes, I had x-rays done, a burn treated, new medications, I am just sick and tired of being healthy. Last November I stood up, banged the front of head on the underneath of a wall unit, fell backwards, hit the stair rail with the back of my head, got knocked out. Told my GPs nurse, to see if I needed to come in, it appears my GP never was told, and I recall now I had symptoms of concussion. I always take photos of my injuries, so I got two of the big gash, my first encounter, but not of the big lump after my knock out blow from the stair rail. I found the 2 photos on my PC by accident today, which reminded me of last November, once the gash had healed, I forgot all about it. Anyway, last November I learnt what it means when people getting a knock on their head see stars. Really, I am just marking time now, I can not work at Trash Palace because of work place safety, the local library has me on house bound service, and my favourite heater just blew up. its special because of its electronic heat control. its 7 outside and dropping, 17 inside and dropping. I can only move when I am red hot, as in 17 degrees. Now I have to operate on my heater, I am praying for, and the signs suggest, that the heater just needs a new thermal fuse, but it depends on the condition of the whole heater whether I fix it. I dont think it enjoyed being on flat out on 2400 watts. I will dig out my 750/1500 watt heater, but this minute I can not care less.

oooooww. can't you just buy a new heater(if you can't fix it) or will it not be the same?

the heater uses a control similar to a electric drill electronic speed controller. Such controllers damage the street transformers I discovered years ago but I thought it was possible to still do it, provided the speed trigger points were on certain points of the AC cycle, there are just six points, a electric drill has infinite points. But making such a controller, was beyond my means. Then one day I spotted the heater at our local Kmart. I was fascinated by what the carton label said. 6 heats, 3 fan speeds, controlled by electronics. The 6 heats weren't by cutting in and out heating elements, but by pulsing the power thru. I located the manufacturers agent, they confirmed it was my 6 step controller. Other fan heaters turn off and on, by thermostat. This one has a constantly running quiet fan, and regulates the heat electronics. That means you dont have ups and downs in room temperature, first too cold, then too hot. There is just one clue you get when its running, if suddenly the fan goes to speed 3, you can hear it, it means it sensed the room too hot, it shut down the heat, and revved up the fan, in order to quickly distribute the heat, in order to level the temperature in the room. My retired neighbour who repairs power tools and myself opened it this morning, and found a spade connector had fallen off the electronic unit. we dusted out the insides with air from his big compressor, put it all back together, and its working. the problem is, my home is open plan, upstairs one big room, bed and computers, all my electronic gear pulls 1.5 amps, averaged over 24 hours, the whole lot powered by one 20 Amp circuit. The heater, bed lights, phones etc come off the other circuit. in other words, only room and power for one heater. (it cost 4 times the price of a plain heater) the way it worked with less temperature extremes, I estimated 15% saving in power as the heat it generated was better distributed. It went off the market as nobody wanted to buy one. Those that did, will never give them up easily. I suppose I should say its bolted to the floor, however, honestly, it sits there unprotected from crooks. (they would not know what it was anyway)

Dust the destroyer‎ - Page 88
Magazine - Popular Mechanics - Sep 1942 - Vol. 78, No. 3 - 224 pages
Dust and air are mixed in predetermined quantities and then exploded in this
test ... Any kind of dust, from the household variety to the dust in mines and

Corn flour to run autos?‎ - Page 946
Magazine - Popular Mechanics - Dec 1928 - Vol. 50, No. 6
Miniature Grain Elevator Used to Demonstrate Dust Explosions; Such Blasts Have wrecked Gigantic Concrete Storage Bins and Done Enormous Damage


Popular Science‎ - Page 14
Magazine - Jan 1927 - 148 pages
Wood, coal, vegetable oils, ether, and even corn, water, molasses, and grain
dust are possible sources for substitute automobile fuels. ...


Diesel engines usher in new age of power‎ - Page 11
Magazine - Popular Science - Oct 1935 - Vol. 127, No. 4 - 120 pages
Instead of petroleum, it burned coal dust. For a number of years, ... Coal dust was also the fuel used in the first engine tested by the man whose name is ...


"-it burned coal dust. For a number of years it ran with more or less success. Then it exploded like a bomb, killing the inventor." ! Some good reading, thanks for the links. L

however, there was no radiation contamination as if it had been a uranium engine. Imaginable all the free dust everywhere, that nobody wants, and fuel dust is a by product, or waste product of lots of indrusry I still got an idea a dust engine would work, but in a unique way, the idea is processing in my head, during head down time. The second part of the idea, has been covered on PM and PS too.

My thoughts were that having these things explode (Diesel also) may have set people onto oil engines, and it was these early failures that squashed dust-engines before anyone did much with them? L

Nuclear Power went for the fast buck, so went up a dead end track, apparently there were safer methods, but too late, nuclear has a bad name now.

An Aspie dust engine=====Salt Lake in Utah used to use a certain method of pumping water, I first saw references to it being used in the UK for public water supply. Its sort of based on the hydraulic ram.

A closed cylinder fills with water, a fuel/air explosion shoves the water out up a pipe, the exhaust gases get pulled out behind the water, creating a vacuum, which sucks in more fuel/air.

The cylinder is then allowed to refill with water, some used compression ignition, I think best results was with a magneto generated spark.

The fuel was coal gas in the UK, in the USA it was natural gas.

Seeing our NZ hydro lakes run dry so often due to global warming, we could use the above as a low capital cost, low tech way of pumping water backwards.

What if two such pumps were shoving water back and forth between themselves, with a reversible turbine in between, each cylinder would be up rite, connected underneath with a U pipe, a turbine at the bottom of U. Bury the whole lot in the ground, heaps of rebar, and refill with concrete.

It might be possible to use dust, at the top of a long cylinder which only fills half way with water, you blast the dust in with a air, ignite it with a small LPG flame, triggered by a PC, which monitors the whole cycle, while you hide down in the bunker, a mile away.

And hey, if electronic controls and monitoring was around in the iron age, might not we have had all sorts of weird engines running today, on waste products?

But, why not pump a gas that way, plain air?

The trouble with coal dust etc, is its abrasive, cylinder bores, pistons, turbine blades would not last long.

But a air pump such as I suggest, you only need to worry about the valves, they could be easily replaced and considered expendable.

For experiment, I would try PET sugar water bottles, maybe plastic milk bottles, and first try for reliable single bangs.

And what about a vortex generator? That is a plastic bottle with one end cut off, with cling wrap closing it, the bang splitting the cling wrap open, when the vortex leaves.

And a combination of that, would become the WW2 put-put German V1 Doodlebug cruise missile motor.

For experimenting, I would not use coal dust, but collect the dust from woodworking sanding machines, put into jars and dry in the sun.

However, first my worm farm and cat food canning factory. :-) Wonder if Ratbag will catch on?

Brief article - Bureau of Mines eh? - That's using what fuel you've got to hand I suppose.
To return the favour: Corporate publication from MAN - diesels can run efficiently on cruddy-fuel, perhaps not dust but you're not too far off with some of these mucky-liquids?


thanks for the link, BTW round the 220 metre mast 2 minutes away from me, they graze cattle, ergo, biofuel. Thats another of my plastic milk bottle projects

Not so much fuel to hand, but free fuel, a waste product then. Generally pulverised coal is pulverised at the site its to be burnt, or at a central processing plant where its pumped out thru a pipe line to the site its to be burnt. The BoM would be using junk coal lying around. I liked the idea of the 3 cylinders, it would help the dust not to be affected by moisture. Very much like Watt using a separator cylinder for condensing the steam, in the days when an engine was powered by vacuum, and the steam was just used to create said vacuum. I got a simple idea for making single dust bangs, just to try the idea. Going to draw a sketch, scan it as a JPG and add to these comment replies. And in other areas, I am preparing 3 instructables.

Real Genius: Eight Brilliant Inventors Still in High School

Take 18-year-old Philip Streich. His method for untangling carbon nanotubes may well pave the way to the creation of a space elevator. Daniel Asturius’s geothermal energy generator could produce three times as much power as a nuclear plant. Samantha Hopkins? After she built her own log cabin at the age of nine, she went on to design a lunar chamber that can grow food without soil, self-heal punctures, and shrink to the size of a backpack for easy portability.


Another 8 Aspies it appears. Wont be long until Aspies are in the majority, and we take over the world. No more wars, but lots of minor punch ups, to decide the winners of cheese block racing and smallest planes. Hey, rather than war, the diplomats might use cheese block races to settle disputes between world powers?

Coal has a higher energy density, but getting these things to work isn't that easy. L

Its too abrasive, but still they have run turbine generators already on coal dust.

Somebody got a piston engine running on it, almost as bad as the inventors trying gunpowder before the better liquid fuels came along.

If food grain is being converted to liquid fuel, albeit wasting lots of energy for the conversation, why not try the dust from ground up grain?

Don't forget the wheat silo dust explosions that NOBODY wants.

If you want a dust explosion, get a party popper, and replace the streamers with sherbert.

WE Aspies want to generate power, so how do you harness your explosion? An old NASA idea of a interstellar space ship (check out PMM) was to set off A-bombs behind the spaceship once it was built in orbit. Imagine us Humans, pop popping across the universe, no need for phasers for defence, any alien seeing us, would either DIE laughing, or run like crazy in fright at the dangerous things us Humans get up to. You get stuck in Visper, and invent, do you recall the WW2 German V1 Doodlebug motor? Imagine instead of petrol pop pops, using dust pop pops? Using dust from a sanding machine as fuel?

replace the sherbet wiht flour cos its flammable and use it like a car engine piston.

Whatever, why dont you do an instructable? I am flat out doing an urgent report, and all of of a sudden I got heaps of legal stuff to do, but ASAP I will post some safe experiment ideas NO gunpowder piston engine though, dont want to lose you. (including losing your typing fingers)

lolz it wouldn't be the first time i would have blown part of my finger off

I just got told about James Bond this morning. Visper, dont you think you should retire from bomb making? At 8 years old, i decided to make a spark transmitter, for which I needed to stick bare wire into the socket of an extension cord out in the shed (so mum did not see) However, i used my common sense, first I went into the house, to check the switch for the power point the cable was plugged into was off. (In NZ, that is when the toggle is UP) And the toggle was UP. Back in the shed, I reached up (the cord was hanging down from a beam) and poked the wire into the socket. ZAP!!!! The zap caused me to drop and disconnect. The power point was old fashioned (in fact, it was on the Wild West Coast (see my other posting) and it was a separate socket and switch, the switch had been installed UPSIDE DOWN. Visper, I was brainless that day, but I still had the most basic survival skills people like us are born with. I am alive today, ONLY because I never told mum of my ZAP

You change English too much, nobody will be able to say more than 26 things. Did you read "1984"? about Good Speak and New Speak? You would never cope, and I would go crazy trying to communicate

Don't forget the wheat silo dust explosions that NOBODY wants.

This is true of nearly any dust (finely ground) mixed with O2 I have ignited and seen flare up, such things as iron, copper, asbestos, talc (the mineral), and mica.

Replies to both L and G. I know any dust explodes, but you read that out of context, I was pointing out it might be more energy efficient if we could run cars on grain dust, rather than liquid fuel made from grain. I got another link to put here shortly, but I would have to search inside it, all the hyper-links in my mind dont link outwards. I got some ideas for experimenting with dust power (not powder), while I can not do actual experimenting at the moment, i dont mind sharing my ideas, but in public or by email? I might invite Visper123 on board. And a new member has signed up, HE would be useful. I am switching him on in a few minutes when I get to his message. Me and Gerry from the USA just had a win over the Internet Archive, they backed down on only having Flash uploading, now we have the new way, and the old way back. NZ just announced after a record cold winter, we just had a month 2 degrees warmer than normal, and our summer is beginning.

You wrote: Don't forget the wheat silo dust explosions that NOBODY wants.

And that was what I based my reply on.

Well is not rusted steel ground up, used to weld railway track in-situ? That is a great cost saver.

It may be, but I would suppose ground up is much different from powdered

I wanted to stay away from powder, because I am thinking of powdered coal dust power. Watch this space, for my first powder power experiment What about the magazine lines I posted????????? no comment?

Do you mean in your post here of: Aug 22, 2009. 1:13 AM ? If so, I am not sure what you mean, and if not, I am not sure which one's you me :-)

My eyes! I meant items. I suppose no comment, because you now have some to do at work, that is read PM and PS

I just found it, and amazingly, I got this comment of your next. Great minds think alike, or my PC has a read ahead ability?

Ok, never mind the post I just put up, PM = Pop Mech and PS Pop Science I assume.

All Aspies know what PM means. (one copy, will keep you out of trouble for weeks, till the next one arrives) Better than any kind of relaxation medication

Wire wool, the finest kind, can ignite spontaneously, a large engineering workshop burnt down, they had used steel wool and a vegetable type oil, and had not removed the used wool at the end of the day. Just point a welding torch at a hunk of steel wool, oxygen only, then bring on the fuel gas.

I couldn't find anything that was actually running on dust - can you point me to what you're referring to as I'd be interested? L

Next thing, a data port on the back of your neck, so you can plug into Google 24/7. Ps, you deleted then changed your message, but I caught you anyway, you are heading for detox now Got to knock off trying to get to sleep, and instead, really get some sleep.

DON'T go back to Google Books, if you do we will lose you, you will be hooked 24/7 When I say PMM, I also mean PSM, to me, they are the same. If you know the best sellers by Clive Cussler, and the latest PMM and PSM, yopu will soon know where Clive gets his ideas from.

I think I recall that one. Jimmy Carter while president got written up, for I think, chair making.

I began buying used copies of PSM and PMM back when I was 14, I have an incomplete set of each, going back to 1932 (possibly when they first got imported into NZ, we had strict import controls up to the '70s, only allowed to buy British, as the USA was not in our trading circles, and any USA cars we got, were stamped out in Canada and assembled in NZ), imagine the high I got, when last year Google Books came to an arrangement with the publishers of each of the two magazines, one magazine allows very recent issues to go onto Google Books. There is no guarantee these magazines will remain free, there are already rumblings about the out of copyright books Google has on its Google Books.

Nothing in life is free. And the stock market expects Google to give a return on money invested.

The first one is Popular Mechanics Magazine, first published about 1900


Popular Science below is best for odd engines, search for "Smoky" as one inventor (PSM was first published, years earlier than PM and incorporated a number of hobby magazines over the years, radio, crafts etc, but go back too far, its too sciencecy for me.)


And below is a sample of why I like these magazines


They can only be read on line, not downloaded or printed.

An Aspie tip, go full screen on your browser by hitting F11, then go full width on the book, then hit Print Screen to save your screen to your clipboard, open your Word Processor, and paste, keep doing this, until you stitched together the article you want to keep.