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For Sale: K-number of 2! Get Yours Now! Don't Wait!! Answered

.  I have a K-number of 1 (see here). Make me an offer for having me collaborate on your next project! - giving you a K-number of 2!!!
.  Limited time offer! Bid often and bid high!!
.  NachoMahma!!


But I thought you were K-9.

I raise you one eye brow, and bluff my way through to K-2.

I already have a K-number of 1, and I've collab'ed (sp?) with you at least once, so I have a K-number of 1 + 2 (at least). But surely you don't get a K-number of 3 with that, seeing as how that's getting farther away...so is it subtractive? Do I then have a negative K-number? What would that even mean? Surely the bottom is 0, being Kiteman's personal K-number?

"I am not a number! I am a capital letter!"

(Crosses "Boston" off list of places to visit)