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For Wireless router Is the data cable the same as a phone jack? Answered


Generally: no. If your AT&T modem is also your wireless router, then your gateway port is a RJ-11 cable (phone line) since AT&T uses DSL. Your interface to the computers would be RJ-45.

Post the model number, and we can tell you exactly what ports you have.

VERY similar, but generally no.

The input on a router is usually the network WAN port, which is an ethernet connection, using cat-5 or cat-6 (8 conductor) wire, and an RJ-45 connection.

A phone line in north america uses an RJ-11 connector, which uses 2 or 4 or 6 conductors for 1, 2, or 3 phone lines. Generally only 2 or 4 wires are hooked up.


Huge difference? not really, and if I recall, an rj-11 plug will fit in an rj45 socket but it's not good for either of them and it won't work as intended.

*sidenote, some old phones used rj-45 connections on them.