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For an electric rc airplane, does the body have to be foam or can it be light plastic ?? Answered

If I have to get some kind of foam material, where should I get it. Any certain brands????


you can use plastic,balsa wood or foam. You might find a shelf of balsa wood at your local hobby shop because I have seen them.

It doesn't have to be foam, I use balsa wood all the time, and I know there are other substitutes. I have been flying for a few years and have discovered one thing. Its expensive ($300NZ radio gear, $100NZ per motor) Good luck

ok ya all I want it is to fly. So do any of you guys have any sites with those models on them so I can make mine like that?

The body has to be rigid and light weight. Foamed materiel is easy to manufacture and modify, hard plastic shells are easy to manufacture, but difficult of modify easily without loosing strength.

ok well it is more from a medium-small model and weighs very light. Any recommendation of wing length to fly?

I only know a little, but enough to ask what kind of performance are you looking for? Gliding flight/ longest distance/longest time? Acrobatics? Crash resistance : )? If you look for plans, you can find basic shapes at the very least...

The wing size and shape depends on the propeller twist, propeller size, demands (what is wanted from the plane, such as acrobatic, speed or long flight) and weight. To get some ideas, look at pre-build models to get a feel for them. Believe me, I have been attempting (and so far failing) to build a workable rc plane wing for the motor I have.