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For sale: warship. SOLD! Answered

For sale - one light aircraft carrier.

Mileage - high, but reasonable for age.

This classic vessel is a rarity, and an ideal opportunity for the dedicated hot-rodder to really express his skills.



She's been sold!

It is a great gift for child.haha.

Pile it full of religious zealots (of ALL denominations), and you'll have a worshipful warship... ;$

Then someone can bomb it, and they'll all rust in pieces... ;$

But (very slightly) more seriously, I think I'd go for a 'Cal' look - shave and fill all the lumps and holes on and in the hull. Really smooth it out.

The deck protruberances would have to go - except I'd want to centralise the take-off ramp, to give a 'bird-man' launch-pad.

All the towers would have to be smoothed as well - and raked to give the 'classic' smokestack look.

I don't know... With the money to afford it in the first place, I could fairly easily get access to a dry dock - as well as the workforce.

And I could probably persuade a few actual Rodders to collaborate on the design etc.

I'd guess the hull could be sorted within six months or so, but the deck and towers may well take a year or two, depending on how they affect the structural integrity.

And then there's potentially another few years to fit it out the way I'd want it - which I haven't figured out yet.

I'd still want to have a good go at some of the stuff myself, of course.

All-in-all, we're probably talking 5 or 6 years - minimum - so allow 10.

Still, it'd be worth it in the end, just for the artistry of the thing!

Sure, why not? -

Although...hang on, this is Instructables...Could I trust you not to 'tinker'..? ;)

Instructaship? We could man it using all the forum goers, and show the world how to make.

That would be the pinnacle of any film makers career. Oooh, floating film studio.

(I'm just itching to see what James-Bond-villain type characters come out of the woodwork for this. 'twould be any super-criminal-warlord's dream)


7 years ago

I would love one, just knock all that control stuff off, cover it with grass seed and manure, Bam! Super Chinampa!

I'm not quite rich/evil enough, but I'd like one.


I wonder how much they'll get, scrap steel prices aren't that high, bet it ends up being broken at Alang India.

How much will cost to send it packed to Villa Elisa, Buenos Aires, Argentina?

I'm doing the pool in the backyard to put it!

Are you sure you're not planning to have another crack at the Falklands?

(It would be an ironic move, after all.)

No, I'm not a "brilliant strategist" as was Galtieri!

Furthermore, they are not the Falklands, are the Malvinas...(stop here, OK?)

Can I get it gift wrapped?