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For those people who have noticed I was missing... Answered

Well as some people may know already, my activity on this site has dropped to an all time low.  I stop by and look only once every few months now.  I've addressed this in a few comments but I might as well post it here for the whole community to see.  No, I haven't gone to college yet, I'm just a junior in High School still.

Over a gradual period of time my hobbies and interests have shifted tremendously.  As a side hobby some of you may remember that I used to make halo videos showcasing forge world maps I made.  This has grown into making montages, and I've grown into a somewhat professional editor well-known by a lot of Halo's competitive community, even though I'm not too good at the actual game. 

Because of my shifting interests (I honestly have not felt like touching knex in months) and the fact that Ibles doesn't support my new hobbies, I've basically moved to Youtube now.  Quite a few iblers who used to be my original subscribers have for some reason stopped watching my videos (and actually fallen off the face of Youtube and ibles), but If you want to keep up with me and what I'm doing feel free to subscribe:


PS: this site has changed so much since I last visited.  I barely recognize it anymore.  My /you page hasn't been able to load for the past year and a half since these changes.  I've also probably missed many comments dating back from June.  I'm sorry I haven't talked to you, but Halo and Real life have basically taken me off the site.  Like I said, I might still make something out of knex if I get a holiday or break later on.  And no, I'm not leaving the site for good.  I'll still drop by once every few months and look at how things are doing for nostalgia.  I haven't abandoned you guys by a long shot. 

P.P.S. Do I still have the site's largest orangeboard?


Oh yeah and for those of you who have Skype feel free to add me on there as I'm basically on 24/7. My username there is dj_jazzy_jeff1.

Commissioner, could you take care of a couple of parking tickets?

It appears we both have made references that the other one doesn't really understand.

Dat generation gap.

I understand your reference. Mine is to the person on the other side of the law. NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Hey, I did kinda wonder where you'd gone. (And O.M.G. I don't even recognize your writing and grammar, hahaha. XD) I totally get it - not every project is suited for Instructables, and vice-versa. Still - don't be such a stranger! ;)

I can't believe you're still around! I thought you went on Hiatus too. Like I said, I will still be around, just once every few months because I'm finding an increasing amount of time being sucked up by things besides editing. Maybe I might make an ible when I get a holiday from school, who knows?

I kind of did, but like you I pop in every now and again. Hope to see you around!

Yeah, if my time isn't being taken up like it is right now, and I can get my knex from my old house I might make one last ible. That's probably not coming around for a while now.

Well, if K'nex is no longer an interest, isn't there something else "ible-worthy" you could put your hand it. Be aggressive, be an explorer, go where no DJRadio has gone before, you may find your niche :-)

Here's the thing though. If you have looked at my Youtube channel, my hobby is something that I can't just simply post on ibles without it looking spammy. I guess you could argue that I could make an editing tutorial but there are literally THOUSANDS out there already.

Ok, twas just a suggestion. Good luck in you endeavors :-)

Really the only luck I would need is to get noticed in a community that's already much bigger than the Knex community. Im already starting to have some good progress though editing projects for well-known people but the only real issue is that my channel hasn't grown as fast as I would have hoped. Maybe once I make a tage that hits 1000 views on my personal channel (I've had one hit over 10,000 views when it was uploaded to someone else's channel) my outlook on this might change but for now I'm just gonna keep working at it.