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For tonight, in this one moment, I know what it is to be an Englishman. Answered

For I have cooked, killed and consumed mine own crumpet, and it was good. End transmission...


How can you say that you know what it's like? You haven't had your arse saved from the Nazis by a bunch of bleedin' Yanks, have you?


9 years ago

Good man! Now all you need is a pot of tea, a handlebar moustace and a fading colonial empire (or, as we prefer to say, empah).

Handlebar Mustache? Not a soul patch?

So you cooked it then killed it? :P I always got crumpets and croutons mixed up....

When I was a kid I always got restrooms and restaurants mixed up. Tourists and terrorists too. Oh, and I really freaked out when I hear that "gorillas" (guerillas) with machineguns had stormed some African city!

I got restrooms and restaurants mixed up too. I remember about a year ago my dad was talking about the terrace club at a baseball game and I misheard him and thought he said terrorist club.

Well, tiddley pum, I eat English muffins all the time. I suppose that makes me more English than you...

My dear Miss Monk, English muffins are NOT crumpets. English muffins are dry dreadful things suitable only for making toaster oven pizzas, whereas crumpets are a divine chewy cake. Where English muffins have detestable "nooks and crannies", crumpets have pores. Where no one is endeared to English muffins, Crumpet can be used as a term of endearment. BTW I pinched that pic from wiki as mine were too ugly to photograph.

Oh-I thought they were the same. Live and learn. :) Ahaha-English muffin as a term of endearment. :D

I once heard someone mention that when they were in England they were served in a restaurant and asked for "English Muffins" instead of what was served, and the waiter stood straight up and humphed....ALL our muffins are English, Madam


I think it'd be fun/annoying to ask for a blueberry american muffin, then begin sharing hushed, schoolgirl-esque giggles with your tablemates, possibly a few chortles...

You cooked it before you killed it? How cruel ;-)

I had these for breakfast yesterday with a mug of workmen's tea. Best way by far to start a day.

Mmmmmm, I like my crumpets with peanut better. I haven't crumpets a while thinking about it now!


9 years ago

Crumpets. awesome!

But not speaketh like one:

For I have lovingly prepared with the utmost of care, dispatched with amazing grace and devoured wholeheartedly me own crumpet, and it was proper. Terminay Igcommunicae.

Looks like a Thomas' English Muffin wit butta. Did you have it with a proper tea? Maybe next you could try to see what it is like being a lumberjack...(Monty Python reference)

Ah, but to appreciate the technological advances through the ages, English Muffins come fork-split for ease of consumption. I had to look up Philistine in that big heavy dusty Oxford book of words, thank you... By the way, can you get them at Starbucks with a cuppa joe or do you have to make them yourself this side of the pond?

I made my own, the prices at the grocer were usury. BTW I prefer Starbucks little brother Seattle's Best as they don't char their coffee. I guess next week after my fluids exam I shall endeavour to produce an instructable. But the kitchen is a mess....

You know when you're just sitting somewhere and you suddenly realize you've had almost nothing to eat and you've been up since six? That just happened to me. Excuse me.

I did that yesterday, left for school at 6:30. got home at 4:30 and devoured an entire large Hawaiian pizza.

"For I have cooked, killed and consumed mine own crumpet..."
I bet you did it in that order, too!