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Forget the Klondike Bar.........What would you do for a Chaco Taco? Answered

Its a harmless question.......... BUT, have you had one?      It is one cool taco!



Best Answer 7 years ago

nice choice man.........i fell off my chair

It's an ad. I consider it spam. Your milage may vary.

.  If this had been posted by Klondike and Klondike joined within the last few days and there was a link to purchase Choco Tacos and ...
.  But onrust has been around since Nov 10, 2009, has 14 Ibles, ...
.  Just another fanboi.  ;)

OK. I still consider it inappropriate since it isn't really an answerable question, but I withdraw my objection.

. I'd have a hard time defending against "inappropriate", but what the heck. I'd rather see this than a lot of questions that are really questions but pretty lame questions (eg, "How do I build a nuclear reactor" or "How can I hook an electric motor and a generator together so they power each other").

Thanks. I was just having fun. .............I had to look up "fanboi"....lol

These are AWESOME! As for what I would to for one... Well, I'd walk down to the nearest convenience store, pull one of these treats out of the cold, icy depths of the little freezer setup for ice cream, go to the cashier, and plunk down some money. Its much nicer than getting wedgies or squashed by two fat guys.

I've never had one. They look like a horizontal version of the old favorite drumbstick. Is that what they taste like? Can't be very bad they have Ice cream in them!

Its a chocolate covered waffle shell and instead of eating it at the end you chomp it as you go. It does have its own thing going on. They have been out west here for a while but today I saw them super cheap ($1) and Klondike has their name on it.