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Format hard drive without XP disk? Answered

Lately, my computer's been getting really slow. I've checked multiple times, top to bottom, so it's not a virus or anything like that. However, I lost my XP disk a while back soo... is there any way to format a hard drive without a disk? Many internet cakes to whomever can help.


You may not have a virus or something but I bet it's been along time since you defragged your HDD.If your HDD is even 30% fragmented it will make your machine run slow as hell. check it out

. You can format the HDD with just about any "Live CD" version of Linux (eg, Ubuntu). But without the WinXP install disc, how do you plan on re-installing Windows after the re-format?

+1. Or by plugging that drive into a second machine temporarily (though if you have ANY suspicion that you might be harboring malware, Don't Do That).

And +1. Reformatting wipes EVERYTHING off the partition. Including the operating system, if it's the system partition.

You can usually get a replacement for the original system install disk from the PC manufacturer for a fairly reasonable price, if you do need to do this.

No matter what, you need an XP cd.


7 years ago

I know you can format your hard drive by right clicking your drive in my computer and selecting format but I'm pretty sure you would have to reinstall the operating system as well.