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Forum Topics Never Post Answered

I've recently posted to the forums: https://www.instructables.com/community/My-Developments/

It does not get posted to the specified forum; however, if I search under my profile I do see it has been made "public" in a way.

I've had this problem years ago and was told I was most likely caught by the filter robot-something-mer-other..

So.. I'd like to ask if I can be white listed or cleared. It is very frustrating, especially when I eventually do make an instructable I always have to ask to be cleared for it to show on the site.


(The topic now appears to have been deleted.)

As a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid having lots of links in a forum topic. If you *need* a lot of links, a workaround is to post the topic without the links, check that it has published, and immediately edit it to include the links.

The topic is published under KNEX. It has the format of SPAM, self aggrandizing random ramblings with multiple interspersed links. I would upload the images to your ibles image library and embed them from there. You are just too radical.

aggrandizing? random ramblings?

I realize the topic of knex is a pretty niche hobby, but my topic is hardly random ramblings and is far from just saying "HERE, look at what I got".

Thanks for at least confirming my suspicions.

haha, no, I was just referring to how SPAM like those to buy NFL jerseys or handbags shows up in the forum topics. I think having more than two or three links to outside sources is an indicator or them trying to get away with spamming keywords and the filters recognize that behaviour. I think it would help if your images were local to ibles. Don't worry, people trip the filters for the most obscure reasons, even if they have a legitimate topic to put up.

Your forum topic did get published, but hasn't appeared (without a direct link) because its been held up by the filters and needs to be cleared by a staff member. As far as I know, everyone is subject to the same rules and there are no white-lists. The system is simply designed to stop undesirable content from public view and this can at times hold up legitimate material.

As soon as a staff member is able to, they will look over your topic and clear it.