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Forum topic or inble on a "story" written to illustrate Asperger's Answered

I am looking for the post, forum topic, or Instructable, about a story to illustrate how Asperger's feels like; the illustration was for NTs, and was about a "crash landing, on a planet, where the language spoken was close enough to understand much of the time, but a lot of times things didn't "make sense". 

The story may NOT have been about asperger's exclusively, but more about problems in communication.

My reason is, I came across this episode of ARTHER and in part of the story, a very similar story line is used.
I am not accusing anyone of anything, but wanted to let all parties know of this in case it was borrowed from the original writer for use in the show.


The puzzle piece is used for the symbol of autism. I would imagine the writers of the show doing their research would come across that same theme in many places. Maybe it is shown in the endcredits?

I was referring to the story within the story: about crash landing on a planet and meeting with persons that looked, and sounded like you and spoke your language....at least most of the time, and they they'd say something "completely wall the off" and so it become difficult to always understand....this is what autism is like.

I was looking for the (I believe) forum post that someone had used the same scenareo to describe autism. It is curiosity only though....

I wouldn't know if that is the best analogy or metaphor used by professionals or that national organization to describe autism. It may be anecdotal in origin so it may be hard to find the original source yet it is commonly passed on. Could be that user saw it on Arthur too and passed referenced it.

He claimed to have written it (Instructables member)

Ok, I just didn't want anyone to get "into trouble" OR have something stolen from them.....thanks.

In light of the Boy Scouts" claiming that the Hacker Scouts, have stolen their name.....caution is the better part of valor :D

I think the BSA has dibs on "Explorer" also but someone will claim "Maker" too.

It's one of the most common metaphors out there.

It is the most common metaphor for describing Asperger's syndrome ? (this is what both incidents were using if for). I was just curious if there was a connection other than shear coincidence.

Well, considering that there's an entire Autism/Asperger's/etc forum called "Wrong Planet" that uses alien artwork all over it, and another called "aspergernauts" (cf. also the writing from this link and this one, both randomly pulled from the results of a Google search) ...yes, I think we can safely say it's pretty common.

It's a common metaphor for any situation that entails difficulties/breakdowns in communications (I mean, obviously, since that's what it's describing). Since that's a hallmark of Asperger's, it's not all that surprising to me that multiple sources would independently employ it in the course of discourse on Asperger's.

Yes, I see what you mean: I was taking you too literally again, thinking you meant that entire story was used often, the contents, the characters, the situation and the storyline.

Wrong Planet is certainly oft-used, but I was looking at detail, which isn't. The one member here that had said he'd written a very similar story.

You see: the original post says:

"The story may NOT have been about asperger's exclusively, but more about problems in communication."