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Forum topic:homework Answered

make a new forum topic for homework...


Well add something to it to get people started eh? L

umm...k....but i mean like how there is an art and tech and burning questions thingy(for lack of better words)...there should be a homework help.....

No, there shouldn't - the majority of requests for help with homework would be more quickly accomplished with a few minutes on a search engine.

hrmp.....ive done a bit of search for this and i hacen't found much....but like you said...the majority...maybe it should be something simmilar but a bit more general....some things like Goodhart's question, might not be able to be answered by ask.com or google.com

Er, Goodhart is a little past the usual homework stage...

Nu-uh....he still has an inner child inside of himself.....its just really really deep....really deep

doesnt give much
''looks'' promising, however, isnt what i need
same word but no results
is physical speed.....
so basically, google isn't my friend today......i also used ask.com and got practically the same results

I think this type of topic would be good.

see, someone agrees....yes, the idea needs some refining, but it is a good idea....

you FOUND with who to talk about homework help ;)

umm...i dont understand what you mean...

you can open a group a group hs its own forum and instructables can be entered into it

thats an idea....*hi-five* (internet style)