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Found in my mother's sewing box - what are these used for? Answered

There are several of the football shaped items.  They seems to hold thread.
There is a metal bar in the crescent depression on the other object.  When depressed, a tiny hook pops out of a hole on the other side. Also, the metal inside the two small notches on the hook side give in when pushed.  Anyone know how these tools are used?


Tatting shuttles, of course! Thank you! But the other object is not feeler gauges. It doesn't open. The steel is rolled lengthwise, so it is open on the short ends, though you can see one end is filled with a metal strip. I assume it's bolted there to keep the roll from being crushed. Here are a couple of close ups. One shows how the tiny hook pops out when I squeeze the metal bar in the crescent notch. Engraved text on that metal bar says, "PAT. APPLIED FOR", but there is no other text on the item.


Definately not for cutting things.
Looks almost like these device to open the securtiy boxes for DVD's - no clue, sorry.

Maybe some kind of stitch holder for tatting. I can Tat but haven't seen anything like this before.

Google images doesn't come up with anything useful either. Sorry.

The metal thing could be thread cutter but would help to see more details of it.

At a guess at present they are feeler gauges, but open them out.