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Found old dog collar, can i make it into a sort of taser? Answered

I found an old dog shock collar on my street with a broken collar(not reciever), can i make a remote to make it shock, or turn it into a taser? Basically i want something that i can have fun with, to shock my friends, or my other idea (since i have a mildly aggressive pit bull, would be to make a remote, so when he is outdoors and goes after strangers i can send the small shock it outputs to help train him to not act that way. Please help me figure this out, as i am a geek but know little about electronics when it comes to building them. Thanks. oh also the collar is a " Petsafe PIF-275" collar if this helps at all in figuring out how to do this.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I just read the Amazon page about this and saw that it uses a proprietary battery and so the first thing that you are going to need to do is figure out a way to charge it up or power it from a different set of batteries. Next you'll need to figure out a way to trigger it manually. If you take it apart and examine the circuit board then the high-voltage part is probably easily identifiable and separate from the sensor part. I am not sure how the Petsafe works but if it is a case of "if the dog wanders too far away from the home base then give it a shot" type then it will probably be almost permanently on anyway (unless you live close to the original owner's matching base set-up). So it could just be a case of turning it on. But It could be that the Petsafe works with some sort of perimeter wire to trigger it which you would lay around the edge of your dog-run. In this case it would only trigger when the dog approaches the virtual fence and you will need to figure out how to manually set it off. Try to find the part of the circuit that bridges between the sensor circuit and the high voltage part. This might make use of 'opto-isolators' (google them) which are easily spotted because they have only six or four legs. Try putting a low voltage onto them at the sensor circuit side to see if they activate the high voltage. Good Luck. But there are much easier ways to make a small shocker device. This is a pet training device - its meant to be unpleasant - not to disable the dog like a taser does a person.


9 years ago

Well, a quick search led me to find that it is for use with a "fence" that emits the activation signal if the dog runs away. You found a quite expensive product. You could try some manner of finding out the radio frequency (I font know how) and then experiment with a transmiter to try to activate it. The problem is that it is a heavy duty proffessional collar, that most likely uses am advanced radio signal. Good luck, tell me how this works out. Hope I helped!

thanks everyone for helping out, i think its a bit over my head though based on what i found, and your answers, so i think ill agree with Karnuvap and go with the easier methods.

if it is the kind of collar i think you're talking about, then it doesn't shock, it has to rods that go in and out, like when one goes in, the other goes out, and so forth.