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Four Big Ones! Answered

Some time in the last twenty four hours, my total view count turned over four million!

That is ever so slightly insane!


Wowsers! Congrats on quite an achievement!

Congrats! That's a crazy number of views, but your hard work has paid off. :-)

You are the hardest working man in iblesdom, really. They should give you a tab on the header "Kitemanning".

Oh, not Kitemanning! It's just a little too close to a rather dodgy comedian...

Actually, compared to some other members (mainly staff), that's quite a low total.  Christy's "Play-doh" instructable is almost on 4 million views by itself!

It's not his lifestyle, it's his racist & sexist humour...

Oh, sorry. If I'd known about your cultural richness, I'd have been quicker on the uptake.