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Fractal Snowflake Cupcakes Answered

Evil Mad Scientist goes to the kitchen and again merges math with food. Their new sugary fractal creations are made with either fondant or marzipan. Check out their site for the full details on how to make one of these on your own.

Fractal Snowflake Cupcakes


MMMMM. Marzipan. Reminds me of a cake that my parents made me. It looked like a pizza, but all of the toppings were made of marzipan, and the crust made from cake.


9 years ago

I'll post here what I posted to the EMS site: how does one "roll out" a triangular prism? I know how to roll out planar objects (with a rolling pin) and I guess you can roll out long cuboids by rolling and turning over, but how do you roll this shape? Or is "roll" a simple descriptive term for "lengthen by plastic deformation"?

I think they mean that you roll out a cylinder and then flatten three sides. Or at least that's how I'd start.

Yes, it starts as a roll that's flattened. For subsequent steps it is indeed "lengthen by plastic deformation."