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Free 3 months for anyone else? Answered

I have just recieved this message from an Instructable intern, saying I got 3 free months of Pro!

   "When we introduced Instructables pro memberships a year ago, you were one of the first to sign on. Thank you very much for your support -- we appreciate it! To say thanks, here's a 3-month pro membership coupon you can use yourself, or giveaway to someone else. "

Anyone else get it?




7 years ago

I just now received a second free three months - just a week or so after receiving the first one! Does anyone know if they add up if I were to apply it right away or should I sit on it for three months until the first one runs out before applying the new one?



I got mine for an instructable about building a BBQ out of a classic car.


Felt a real honour to be featured.

My Pro Membership is about to expire. Thinking whether I should renew it. Who else went on to do that?

On my profile when I click instructables it says my toolbox was featured but I haven't recieved one of these. Can someone help me understand this?

Welcome to the "light" side of the "force" :-)


7 years ago

I got my 3 month subscription for having an Ible featured.
Gingerbread Man

But never got my one-year subscription as promised for being one of the winners of the 2009 halloween contest.
Toy Green Army Man Costume

Still my favorite time-wasting website.

Thanks Instructables.com!

I got mine for my Invisible, Usable Back Scabbard back in August, and only now turned it in. The only difference that I see making for me is that now I'll view instructables all on one page.

I just received one for my NES Cartridge Wireless Router.

Thanks Instructables!

I just got one. for my Borg Jack O' Lantern

how do I get the three month coupon.

Lots of the first members to turn pro got that offer.

You can send the voucher to somebody else if you want.

Seems like people who got featured or won contests got that offer as well.

Yup - it's standard practice now for homepage featured projects to get sent a voucher for 3 months pronosity.

I'm trying out a few words to mean "the state of being pro".

Oh ok, I couldn't find it in any dictionary online nor my unabridged A.H. here at home.... :-) So, pronosity kind of means to you, professional..... :-)

I got mine from my recent Ible, I'm going to save it for a prize in a contest. :-)

Just got mine for 'run your shed from a solar panel'

The awesome user ChrysN gave me mine because i am subscriber to them and i am an active member in instructables community, Go ChrysN!!!

yea i just got mine today for project MACKRA

I got mine for having my Mood Light Instructable Featured and put under Popular. Its entered in the LED contest right now! :D


I got it for my onion ring pizza :)

yeah got mine with the sweet and savory pizza cookies :) trying for another with my puppet build, managed to super glue my fingers together though, urghhhh, PAIN

Sand Castle! I won 3 months too uhull

yeah, got mine for the LED rat. how do you post links here, anyway? html? i'll try: my LED rat mod comment. havent used the site in two years, and now i just randomly get a pro membership, that's funny. guess i gotta check out the features now... ;)

i got mine from my secret poster stash. Thanks instructables!


8 years ago

I have 3 months pro because I entered the "I made it contest" and I won!

Got one as well for getting featured. These things make this site really awesome and pushes you to make cooler stuff.


8 years ago

joining in the rank of getting one from an Instructable. Mine was https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-FM-radio-receiver-shield/ It was a nice suprise the 3 month pro and a nice carrot to put some more stuff up

I was completely blown over today after first getting a message my instructable was featured, then a couple of hours later saying as a thank you, here's a 3 months free pro. :o I never thought anyone would pay much attention to the thingy, apart from a few people with a special interest in Barbie - but I was pleasantly surprised! :)

I just won the June i made it challenge :P got my 3 months free and funny thing was i didnt even know that the challenge was going on! thanks so much instructables you made my day!

WOW!! Two days after you joined too!

Welcome to instructables.

Thanks alot! already got 3 instructables on the way look for them soon!

I have not got one yet. :(

My Genuine chainmaille from pop tabs -ible got me one.  Its was my first Instructible and it made the newsletter twice and has been featured two or three times. This is really great, I love the Instructible community.