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Free Computer Parts Needed!!! Answered

Hello Instructables community!!! I am in Desparate need. i need some computer parts free preferably that you want to get rid of. Specific parts that i am looking for are 8GB sets of RAM, Laptop HDD's of a 500GB+ Capacity, Desktop HDD's of 500GB+ Capacity, Joysticks (For MFS9) modern if possible, and for those flight simmers out there, i need a set of Rudder Pedals, a Yoke, and a Throttle quadrant (twin engine if possible)...the important things i need for flight sim is the rudder pedals, and yoke however if i can only get rudder pedals i will consider myself blessed.

Yall can expect a few 'Ibles from these things i am asking for. i am willing to pay for shipping. just PM me if you have anything that can help!!!


If there's a local university nearby, check there. The computer labs usually have electronics recycling collection bins that are full of old computers from the community. They might also have obsolete school computers that get changed out fairly frequently. Just ask around. Also try thrift stores, but I highly doubt anyone will be giving away 500GB hard drives. Those are still really expensive.

It would help if folk knew where you are...

haha...you know what your right. I am in the Broken Arrow, OK area. More details to follow if anyone PM's me.(dont need the entire 'ibles community knowing exactly where i am if they dont need to know haha.)

Those are not cheap items. Is this for a charity?