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Free GFX, Youtube backgrounds, avatars, Youtube intros + More! Answered

Hey guys.

I know you havent seen me around here lately and that is mostly due to me losing motivation for knex, which is basically all I did on this site, and decided to give up on it.

So anyway, you're probably here because you read the title. Well for a few weeks I will be doing free GFX, YT Background, Avatars and Mor for all you 'Iblers! So anyway, there is a catch :P All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel.

It only opened a few days ago and I need some subs to at least start off. So all yopu need to do is sub to me on youtube and comment below telling me what you want, and what your youtube username is, so I know its you.

PS. If its a YT Background or an YT intro, it wont be amazing (but it will still be good) as alot more work goes into that than lets say, an avatar.

My youtube!

So anyway thats about it.

Hiyadudez, out.

The picture below is just something I made for my friend!


Oh and also like the video on my channel if you feel up to it ;-)!

i dont need one but ill sub you if you sub back

Dude what program did you use for that?

For the picture on this topic? Adobe Photoshop CS5.

But its not my best work, I have done much better. Go check out my channel please and sub me!



6 years ago

I could use an intro for my new minecraft LP series. Youtube username is jollex1235. If you're up for it, PM me and we can work out the details.

Sure, PM me what you want.

Stuff lie colours, fonts, animations, ect.

Also, please sub? Thanks.


6 years ago

i could use an intro or backround for my youtube channel. are you in for it? (thanks you so much if u do). my username is "puffmonster689". i could also use a sub.