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Free SciFi Table Top RPG Answered

Hey Peoples! If your interested in a Sci-Fi RPG, me and my crew have been developing for a while now. We're having fun, so we say the more the merrier! If you're into Table Top RPGs, read on.

Ok, some stats.

The Artifact is a Science Fiction RPG and is a FREE PDF. This 206 page book includes
Four Player Character Factions
32 Character Occupations
100+ Skills
Full rules for event resolution, infantry, vehicles and more
25 pages of maps
A huge Game Masters section to give you all the tools for making your own campaigns
A Bestiary of common animals
43 pages of vehicles and equipment

But thats not all!
We also have FREE sourcebooks available as PDFs like. . .

The Player's Handbook - full of world info and a huge equipment section
The Fringe - A setting book for combat in orbit against giant orbital cannons!
Random Encounter Tables - A great Game Master ResourceThe Engineer's Resource - Enabling players to design and build their own buildings, defenses and vehicles for their characters!

Come and check us out!


This looks awesome. Thanks so much for putting in the hard work to create a PDF to share with fellow gamers, Emmett0!

I also put out my own RPG, Challenger, for free in PDF and other e-book formats across the net, so I appreciate how hard you worked on this. It's even more awesome that you're putting out your hard work for free. Thank you.

Anyway, keep up the fine work!

--David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG (free)

Thanks David, have you looked over at 1KM1KT? You'll find a bunch of people to talk to about free RPGs. Over there you'll see me as Onix.

You're most welcome, Emmett. Thank 'you' for putting out such a fine RPG.

I've briefly checked out 1KM1KT a couple of times, but I never really dove into the discussion. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out and look for you as Onix there.

--David L. Dostaler

HAHAHAHAHA.... oh man, im not laughing cuz im trying 2 insult, im laughing cuz im really amazed at this, oh man really, there are few things that im very impressed at and most of those are done by my role models from history, but this one is nice 2... 32 character occupations are the one's that caught my eye, just imagining what they would be is interesting. though i gotta say, its funny in a way that this sounds like a future, dungeons and dragons kind of way, so ill pass... its amazing nonetheless, still it lacks artistic skill

So if you're not laughing because you're trying to insult, then why do you go on to insult? If I "lack artistic skill" show me up. Do something better.

Your comment is muddled. Probably because you don't want to run afoul of the "Be nice" policy here at Instructables. You're trying to hide the fact that you're being insulting behind regressions.

As far as your judgement, your feelings are not shared by all. Most, "like a future, dungeons and dragons" is uninformed. I don't ask for reviews often but the Free RPG Blog was kind enough to review the game for us and they felt it was good enough to pass muster.

In the future, when commenting, follow the "Be nice" policy and research your assertions before putting things down on the record for all to see.

no really, im impressed in many ways, I was also trying to say that this game may actually compete with dungeons and dragons, and wen i said "still it lacks artistic skil" im not trying to put anything down, its just my way of saying that a little improvement could pull a 11/10 record from 8 or 9. I guess my way of trying to enlighten ppl are more likely to be misinterpreted, and finally, I laugh on two things, its either really funny or Im really amazed, I never did and never will laugh in anybody's hard work or put their effort in it.

We do what we can on a shoestring. We welcome contributors so if you have something in mind that you feel would make a difference we're open.

ok.... its just that the characters, it looks like it was drawn from single layer, meaning u grabbed a pencil and just started drawing from what's in ur mind. try to draw by starting on a stick figure, then the basic shape and finally add details to it... it needs tweaking on.... hmmm.... proportions i guess. though some are already good enough, even some faces are good enough. and for the background, object, etc. doesn't need tweaking, in fact, i think it looks good on its own. the idea behind it is interesting, heck you probably be able to sell it somewhere...

I'm not sure which pictures you're referring to. There are several artists and we used differing methods. When the bulk of the artwork was done originally we were mostly using pen and markers as GIMP didn't exist yet. Some of the artwork is more than fifteen years old. I do more writing these days than I draw. If you want to submit artwork, be my guest.

there are a lot 2 name, but if ur satisfied w/ that then its up 2 u. and wen i mentioned layers i didn't mean 2 use a software 2 do so, wat i mean is that u should've start w/ prob 3h pencil, then to 2b pencil and wen ur done ink it and finally color it... and if u really want me 2 submit something, that just have 2 wait, since im busy drawing my own stuffs...

Satisfied? No, a project like this can never have enough artwork. It does take a lot of effort to build up to what we have so I can't easily toss it all away and start over.

Art takes time, I understand that. The Artifact project started in 1995, I can wait.

This guy is such a tool. I love the concept of this and plan on trying to start a game this week.

I appreciate your interest, let me know how it goes!

I'm not too worried about someone making suggestions, arjay might need to work on his tact but as long as his heart is in the right place, I'm fine.

Even if it's not, don't they say that if you have haters you must be doing something worth paying attention to, so no worries. :)

you know they said that a true smart person are those who are open minded...
or something like that....
you know lithium, if ur satisfied w the concept, some ppl prob arent, its better 2 improve something than 2 be criticize later even the game is really good...

and yeah EmmettO Art takes time, but not just time...
"Art takes time, patience, and hardwork" is my motto,
without those its not art...
Im only 19 and I have much much 2 learn about art...
I try 2 practice everyday so wat ever I learn, i try 2 share

I'm sorry; I'm having a hard time understanding you, let alone take you seriously. It is indeed a monument to EmmetO's greater stature as a person as compared to me that they haven't slapped you silly yet.

I dont get what's bothering you... from the beginning i add my opinion to 1. compliment the work. 2. to say a suggestion
i didn't intend to sound negative

When you type no one can hear your tone and tone can effect the meaning of your message greatly. Whenever you read what you wrote, your brain fills in the tone that you meant to use so the meaning appears obvious. I've run afoul of this before too.

Another person reads it and because there is no tone in their mind, the text becomes menacing. Even innocent expressions in everyday speech written in text can take on very insulting meanings. For example, and I'm not trying to beat you up here, I'm just trying to explain our reaction, the "HAHAHAHAHA.... oh man," is forceful and a bit jarring. There was no implied joke and all caps means you're yelling the laugh (which is weird). When read with no tone, it has a mocking feeling. It's not that we're trying to mis-read what you wrote, it's a common problem in internet communication. It's why emoticons were invented.

Also, your quick clipped style of typing may be a desire for efficiency or it may be showing hostility. A person that knows you personally may be able to read your writing and guess your feeling correctly but a person that doesn't know you can't. Writing to friends is one thing, when writing to strangers on the internet you have to be very careful about your choice of words and expressions.

We're all cool here now.

I see, I'll keep that in mind :D
guess you learn new everyday... btw, what's a quick clipped style?

Things like using 2 instead of to or too. Using 133t (like spelling skillz instead of skills) can be efficient but also conveys an attitude that can be grating.

hmm... i really wonder when did i start typing like that...

I know what you mean. I like perfection but I also like getting things done. Those two are often at odds with each other. Perfection can also be relative. A picture or rule that I write now might seem perfect to me but in two years I've grown and can see the failings. What I did hasn't changed but my experience and perspective does.

Exactly, you my friend, know what your talking about. I still practice with my drawing, and it'd be much better if someone can tell me what needs to be adjusted, unfortunately no one can tell me what needs to be adjusted no matter how ugly I drew it. All I had to do is add lots of shadows and they'd say its good enough, so I had to leave it alone and look at it after a few weeks to see what needs to be adjusted. Still, I'm happy to hear an open minded person in the internet.

Wow! Sounds like you guys put a lot of work into this. I'm not near any fellow gamers at the moment from moving, but if I could I would love to take your game for a spin. Maybe it would get people interested if you set up some sort of play-by-post service?


By all means feel free to take it for a spin!
We're running a play by post over at 1KM1KT check it out.
We have run play by posts privately on the News forum and there are a couple of GMs that can run them there.