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Free Software Foundation Answered

Has anyone ever come across this group?
If so, what do you know about them? Legit? etc...

Free(dom) software group....


...yes they're completely legit :P

They do a ton for the FLOSS (free-libre-open-source-software) community. I can't even begin listing everything they've done...

I think it would not go too far to say that FSF/GNU/Richard Stallman created the open-source community. What the EFF is to open communications, the FSF is to open development.

To clarify: I didn't either. I said they "do a ton" ;-)

I don't disagree with you. I don't know whether he's mellowed in his old age :-/, but twenty years ago RS really tooted his own horn around the Importance of The GNU Project.

I do think that "group" (loose confederation of developers) led the way toward legitimizing Open Source. Without their efforts, we would not see O.S. as a viable business model today, where profit could be made through the value added of packaging installations and support to end users, without making the underlying software frozen or proprietary.

Sorry, Adrian, you'll have to go elsewhere to sate your nerdly bloodlust ;->

Their definition of Open Source: Another group has started using the term open source to mean something close (but not identical) to free software. We prefer the term free software because, once you have heard that it refers to freedom rather than price, it calls to mind freedom.
The word open never refers to freedom.


9 years ago

Sure, that was founded by Richard Stallman, the author of EMACS, and the founder of the GNU Project (which is 90% of Linux; Linux itself being just the OS kernel.)

Ok, thanks, this is totally outside my realms....but I found the material interesting nonetheless.


9 years ago

I've come across this group before... I just don't remember why. It probably was when I was getting ubuntu software.


I think I figured it out. I vaguely remember an email from creative commons linking me there. Maybe not though. Arghhh!