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Free Stuff Forum Category Rules Answered

Welcome to the Free Stuff forum category!

This category is for listing items or services for free that are of interest to the Instructables community.

Please keep things relevant to the spirit of the site. Really cool listings may even be featured to the Instructables homepage, while irrelevant postings will be deleted.

We encourage people to use our private messaging system to work out details, and remind you to deal locally when possible, or only with others whose reputation you can determine and trust (for example by checking out their Instructables profile). We strive to keep the quality of the listings high, but cannot guarantee their accuracy. When in doubt, ask lots of questions in the comments!


Is there any free stuff here?

i'm looking for a used satellite dish and i don't know where to get one.

kj sky

3 years ago

i'm looking for a phone i cant pay for one and i need to be able to call my kids can someone help me

hey i'am looking for any old pcs with CPU either 2,3 prosseser i can't pay for them so im looking for free ones also email me on djwillz1988@gmail.com im located in dundalk ireland

Create a forum topic, instead of posting a comment to the guidelines.


6 years ago

I have my first app in iTunes.
It's called "Gas By Numbers" (a gas mileage calculator) and it's currently free.
I would still love to have my app rated, but so far, no one did :-(

I didn't really know if this appropriate in this forum, so if an admin can let me know, I would be glad. If it's not ok, I'll remove this post. I didn't know how to put an instructable for programming iOS together, but learning to program was the challenge I gave myself from last October. So it took me about 6 months from learning Objective-C to the finally published app.

You'll get more views if you post an actual forum topic about it, and even more views if you wrote up an instructable on how you made the app.

I know about the thing with writing up a project, but programming the app was quite extensive. So I don't know how to put together an instructable for it. If you have an idea I would probably consider doing it. But it touches on so many topics...

But what did you mean with posting a separate forum topic?


Click on the large orange words "free stuff" above, then look to the right and click the "new topic" button.

That will start a brand new forum topic for you to tell people about your app, and you can include screenshots to show folk what it's like.

Thanks Kiteman. I'll post a new thread tonight :-)
Let's see if I get a rating for my app.

I am looking for a free anime costume for a woman of the size 38 (European size) or for a template so that I can make my own. I really want to make my own kimono as well, but I don't know where I have to get started.
Thanks to the helps and tips in advance ;D

If you really want free stuff you should try freecycle.org It is a group dedicated to keeping things out of the landfill by giving it to other who can still get use out of it. I have gotten computers, televisions, graphing calculators and lots of other great stuff. You simply go to their website put in your local area and it directs you to local yahoo freecycle groups.


7 years ago

i need something worth $400 or an xbox 360

 IMO there should be country categories inside this section.

canada, US, europe, asia, australia... etc

You can and should use "tags" for those things.  Any kind of system like this relies on the person posting to be clear and accurate.  You can guess for yourself how successful that's likely to be :-/

I'm from the Hamilton,Ontario,Canada area have 300' of  oak flooring still has some nails in the strips but it still needs to be clean and sanded  if you live in this area need it gone by Wednesday ,come quick before its gone

.  You will probably get a much better response if you will start a new topic.

u kow sites with free stuff can nearly get u in a hole lot of trouble

Hey Gatan, check this site out,  www.askfreehunters.com, i have seen some free electronics and parts. check out either their newest freebies on the main or computer & accessories section. Also try some google search. good luck!!

9 years ago

I live in Newport Beach, California on a 25 foot sail boat. I need a bigger boat. Very very much. Please Can some one sale me a 30+ sailboat for one dollar. Is there someone out there that can help this water lover - surfer - sailer? eluxur@hotmail.com 562-608-7336

. There is at least one iBle on getting boats for free/cheap. IIRC, the author is Tim Anderson. If you can't find it, let us know.

It appears as though there is misunderstanding from most of the posters as to the purpose of this forum topic. *sigh*


9 years ago

i want electronics part free

I'd keep well away from www.lotsoffree.com and such sites unless you really love spam. You can easily spot dodgy sites when you click the about us button and find absolutely no info and the only way to contact is via the site. This is only my opinion and please don't let me stop you from checking out the site, But I know to my cost that there is no such thing as something for nothing, there's always a cost somewhere down the line.

does anybody have any scrap copper?

hi, i would like to ask if this site can be posted in your forum: www.lotsoffree.com this is a free offers directory. thanks.