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Free domain name registration? Answered

Hi!  I was wondering if anyone knows if there is free domain registration out there.  I don't mean a subdomain like www.mydomain.someoneelsesdomain.com or anything like that, I want www.mydomain.com and I also don't need hosting as I have my own server.  I'm pretty sure that there isn't anything like that out there, but I thought that if anyone would know, it would be someone on here.  If there isn't a free alternative, I currently use 1and1.com for my domains that I already own, so is there a better registrar, or am I better off with 1and1?

Thanks for your help!


You're better off sticking with 1 & 1. The only companies that offer free registration are doing so with a hosting package, and you've already said you don't need hosting.

+1... I don't know of a free registration service.

Some of the companies are providing free domain registration, but they force you to join with their web hosting package. So paid domain name registration is best. Actually domain registration, which organization is providing cheapest domain names registration and web hosting in India. Only $7 - it's very cheap...

1 & 1 is cheaper... and imho, more reputable than some no-name company in India.

Do you need a domain name or is the server just for your own use? If it is your use only, then I think you can just go with an IP

For the most part it is just for my own use, but I do host some mockup sites for my clients on it and I also do some FTP work. It's just enough that I do want a domain... even if I end up having to pay $10 a year for it, but if I can save some money that's even better! :)

If you have any sort of client base, why not consider becoming a reseller and make some additional money that way? And, if your server is in a server park, you could always look at offering hosting to your clients. You won't get rich off that, but being able to offer more services may help your business.

I did consider that at one point... but I don't have quite enough clients for that. I already have one domain that I basically have parked (I made my own park page though!), but I was considering getting another domain as well. (I have two "businesses" that I run out of my house, so I have a great domain for one, and I figured out a decent one for the other). In terms of hosting sites, my server is really not a good server. In fact, you would probably laugh when I tell you about it. It has 256 mb ram, 20 gb HD with an external 1 tb drive hooked up to it. I still live with my parents, so they make me turn it off at night (mainly because it's noisy!), so I've figured out how to make it turn on and off automatically, with the help of a friend (thegeeke). I mostly use it for my intranet, so that I can access networked files from anywhere and print from anywhere (VPNs are fantastic!), but I also use FTP for transferring large files to friends/clients. On the occasion that someone hires me to do a site for them and I actually have time (I have three jobs and am a full time student), I put mockups on it with sub directories. (www.mydomain.com/clientname.index.html)

Like I said, feel free to laugh. :)

Thanks for your help... I know I'm not exactly a server admin... I have my A+, and this summer I will probably be taking the CCNA and CCNAW, but I am always learning.

lol you are like me! :) I would love to have my own server, and actually have the hardware for it (3ghz pentium 4, around 500gb total HDD, and 1gb of ram right now... to bad it randomly shuts down ;) wonders of being gifted broken stuff)

Lol- you could go and host somewhere.. Thats basically what I'm doing as the electricity costs of running my honker of a machine full time probably outweighs hosting cost (plus, my parents would make me turn it off too). So right now I'm just starting to host.

May I ask, how old are you and what state are you in- I swear we live in the same state.....

I'm 18, and I live in IL. Wouldn't it be funny if we actually knew each other? :)

well- we dont :)

unless you like optometry and have been to guatemala in recent months...

lol there are people here I swear I have met at school...

Google do free domains. Google sites.

OK, but don't you have to have https://sites.google.com/site/mydomain? What I'm looking for is www.mydomain.com. I realize I'm probably nuts for thinking I could get that for free, but who knows? I have checked it on whois, and it is still available, so I know I don't have to bid on it to get it.

They do do Business domains that drop the Google bit (perhaps for a small fee)

Not a lot around for nothing to some degree if you pay nothing you get what you paid for.

I understand. Like I said, I didn't think there was anything available, but you can't blame me for trying! :)

Thanks for your help!