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Free idea: Umbrella Sword! Answered

I had this idea today, after the first rain of the year.

It would be simple, really. Use a cheap umbrella and halloween prop sword for a cheap one, or get a really nice umbrella and a real sword handle to go like a sir.

I would love to see this done, but don't have the resources at this point (starving college student).
Someone make this and they get a patch or maybe a pro membership.
Just cite my idea in the Instructable and let me know when it's published. If no one makes one, I will for sure later when I get the materials.


You mean like this?

I've got the katana umbrella myself :)

exactly that. Well then looks like someone beat me to it. Oh well, someone should still make an Instructable for a DIY version.

That is a very funny idea.
love the comic. lol