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Free idea for the robot contest Answered

Here's another idea I don't have time to make...a robot that is hooked up to a light beam or motion detector or something like that (to sense an intruder) and then triggers a camera (to take a picture of the intruder). If you use it, please credit me in the first line of the ible although I got the idea from a robot in a magazine.


How about a really Menacing looking robot (it can still take pictures) that comes AT the intruder with a voice threatening to kill..... :-)

hmm.......This comes to mind: R-E-S-P-E-C-T........

iAlertU for my laptop has the same thing. It uses my laptop's motion sensors and takes a picture. It will even email me the picture, and if I had a nice phone it can be set up to send the picture to your phone.


Ahhh...someone beat me to it! Oh well, maybe it could still win...

Your idea would work good as a stand alone security system. This is meant to keep your laptop from being stolen. Keep me posted if you make it

I will, I just don't see it happening anytime this decade, lol.

There's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm even worse than yo when it comes to tech. (I know what you're thinking, is it even possible to be worse than her?