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Free (legal in the US) MP3s that work, anyone? Answered

 I got an SD card reader for my DSi, and downloaded converting freeware. Then I realized I would have to get stuff to put through the converter. Could anyone point out to me free MP3s(alternative/rock) or really cheap ones(less than $0.10)? Oh, and they have to be legal.


Y'know, I've had no trouble finding MP3's on the Web. Maybe not of the specific music you're interested in, but a great many bands have started putting a few of their songs up for free downloading, some artists have posted full albums, Johnathon Coulton did his "thing a week" project with a fresh (well-written, well-arranged, well-produced) song every week for a year...


5 years ago

go to Free Mp3 Search Engine and find your favorite music, i think if you just streaming for listening it would be legal.


7 years ago

Just download music videos with lyrics from youtube and convert to music files.

Also, change to a Switzerland proxy and use The Pirate Bay.

Download them from Playlist.com

I got nabbed for "copyright infringement" a few times here in Pennsylvania.

First offense is just a slap on the hand, they ask to delete it.. after that they give you grief. They cut the internet but you can always negotiate to have it back on. No police station visits or anything like that.

Anyway, if you want music. Just get the youtube downloader, and download the video, then use the same program to convert it to mp3. been doing it for years under the radar.

Does spotify work in the US? If it does, you're in luck. With a free account, you can listen to music till the cows come home but between every few tracks you get an advert for something. When you listen to it just use audacity or something to record it. Or, you could get a membership and download it all onto your PC.

I'll take some of my CDs and put them on, and I found a site that has songs for ten cents a piece.

I use an internet radio site and record the music with audacity.
I can also type out detailed instructions if you want.


Although technically I don't know that anything short of purchasing the content is 100% legal, I agree with Willard.  Although Audacity is only one of many choices for the recording.

Barrow your friends cds. No seriously, after they get their music onto their computer/ipod they usually don't care what happens to them.