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Free solution to clear acne and pimples without popping them? Answered

Ok, im in puberty full swing. That means acne and pimples. I need a free solution to clear my acne and pimples. However, I dont want scar tissue left behind from popping the pimples. Do you have any solutions for this problem? Maybe some adults could help....... just leave your comments BTW, check out my avatar:


that topic didnt exclude popping pimples, like mine....

You get these things called blemish pens, they're basically a rub on gel consisting of alcohol and such to dry a spot out, toothpaste purportedly does the same, Germolene is pretty good stuff, it's an antiseptic healing balm thingy, it works wonders for everything, I used it on hornet stings successfully, also there are some spots that do need evacuated, if you are worried about squeezing making a mess of your skin a sharp needle to just pop them a little would be the way to go... Personally never got an unmanageable amount of spots so popping the odd one wasn't an issue...

Ok I tried it. I have a huge wad of toshpaste on my forehead and its plastering my hair to my face. AND IT WORKS GREAT!

*Squirt!* *Waits ten minutes* Darn it! It is still not working!

I put it on my face and then went to bed. Next moring.... None!

Hahahahhaha! Also, you comment about brushing your face was great! :D

What do you do? Just like... Brush your teeth, except brush your face?


9 years ago

Wash your face often - not excessively, but before school, after school, before bed. I use Witch Hazel (aqueous solution) too with cotton pads. I hear tea bags help, but I'm not into that kind of stuff. Pimples only seem bad until you realize everybody else has them too.

Purpose face wash is the best thing you could use. Use warm but not hot water. As for pimples that are already there, I'd recommend tea tree oil or zapzyt. If you use those sparingly along with the Purpose, your skin shouldn't dry out. The problem with a lot of acne regimens is that everything you put on your face contains some form of medication - this hurts more than it helps. You end up drying your face out, and it produces more oil to even it out, and that normally leads to more pimples. :(

use a knife,ice,and some lemons

Gillete Fusion 2 in 1 body and face wash...

Adrian+monk. lol, i couldnt help joking with the plus sign. But So far, Soap+water is working best for me..............

um, i wasnt finished. It is the best advice when coupled with kiteman's

Oh. Silly me, I foolishly assumed you were finished based on the fact that you stopped typing and posted the comment.

I still remember my first pimple... It happened on christmas eve... BTW, I haven't tried it, but for some reason, I've heard egg whites help!

nice avatar and I already saw it but... at first when i saw thins it said: free solution to clear acne and pimples without p... and I thought the p was going to say proactive XD

second line third word: this oh and is your avatar the AR-4 commando?

Try lemon juice or viniger, They are acids and usually make the pimples disappear, works for me like a charm...

I don't know about free, but Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is really good stuff. Differin gel is, too...but it's a prescription, so you'll have to visit a doctor for that.

It's only prescription because of the strength. You just put a little bit on wherever you need it, and BAM they're dried out like that.

1. Scrub hard, scrub regularly, using soap and hot water.

2. Treat existing pimples with tea-tree oil or similar.