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Just an Idea but if someone can market it feel free to, just send me one LOL. There are many medical alert necklaces / bracelets etc out there for people act risk of falling which is a good thing,but the catch to all of them is the monthly cost of subscribing to some monitoring service and $20 a month doesn't sound much but to someone on a fixed income it can be a big deal. It seems reasonable that someone out there could come up with a simple system using off the shelf stuff for a transmitter and receiver set up and hit the button and the receiver dials the first of say three numbers with a recorded message. It would dial out until it received a human, have it wait for the tone of someone pushing one or something and then play a recorded message "Help I've fallen and can't get up" or something and send help to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. You could put a relative or a neighbor first and a second perhaps then 911 or if the person is likely to need fast medical help have it dial straight to 911 but make it simple to program. Make the necklace / pendant play a sound when it's been activated and maybe make a 20 second pause before it dials out so people could cancel accidental triggers by picking up the phone or something, which cancels the tone from the pendant but leave the tone on once the first number has been dialed incase the victim loses consciousness so first alerters can find them quicker. Put a silence button on the receiving unit but disengage the phone silencing option in case the first person there picks up the phone... This seems a simple concept that people could sell for like $40 and I'd bet all my donuts there is a big market for something like this in that range, plus it would help a lot of people by taking away some of the fear of living alone as we age... And we all age. Any thoughts? Could it fly?


I like the idea. Here's the broad strokes of how I'd go about it (but I'm not going to, so someone else, please feel free to do so). Perhaps a pay-as-you-go phone? It comes with minutes, so all you'd have to do is give it "auto ringdown"-- press one button and it dials a number. Some phones do that when you press and hold 9: they dial 911. You'd just have to mod things a little so that pressing the button not only dials, but plays a message. Many phones have an option to insert pauses in a phone number, so when you dial that contact, it waits a bit, then dials some more numbers (like an extension, or "press 1 for english" or whatever). That could be used to give 911 and S.O.S. signal. Rig up your button to dial that contact, and you're golden. Phones are required by law to have GPS locators so that 911 can find you. This aprroach would provide less software issues than hardware issues. Mostly ergonomics, but charging is an issue, too. Maybe make it run on AA piles instead of the evil proprietary batteries?

Yeah if you could add storage for a small amount of sound file to be stored in it and small enough it could be attached to someone that would be a good idea. Have you seen the new Uereka phone? LOL, fits in your palm with two finger cymbols you click to activate?