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Free video editing software that doesn't use much memory? Answered

Hello guys!

I am looking for a couple of days for a free video editing software that doesn't use much space, since I have a mid-range Laptop. 
I am not looking for the best of performance, just some simple software where I can cut and merge videos together, and simple things like this. 

Also, Can anyone tell me what would be a good laptop to get for a lot of video editing? Or a desktop computer maybe..


If you can afford it, I hear the Apple Macbook Pro is a top platform for lots of video editing.

Apple Macbook Pro for windows is a top disappointment and a device to sell you additional features that should have been in the pro to start with !

I have it and when you click on something other then cutting it redirects you to upload new features for add costs..... Bah ! !

moviemaker from microsoft.