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Free website domain and hosting? Answered


I'm looking into starting a website to distribute some freeware that I've been developing. Does anyone know a place I can get a free domain name and hosting? It doesn't have to be very large, just big enough for a site. I can manage the downloads from other places. I've looked into a bit, but so far I've turned up nothing. Can anyone help?



well, 000webhost is good for massive bandwidth and site memeory, you get on a free plan, 1gb bandwidth, and 100gb or so in webspace
you can also get your url renamed (and it can be any directory) by .tk, which changes any url, into whatever you want.tk
for instance, i once had, ombj.uphero.com/jpoopdog changed into jpoopdog.tk
of course i went and payed $9, so now i have www.jpoopdog.com for a year

Google sites is free and, at least here, gets you a .co.uk domain name.

You can get a free domain name using the method from this instructable. You could also set up a server to host your own site so that you're not paying a monthly fee.