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Free wood? Answered

I'm planning on building a tree house so I need good quality wood but for free or as cheap as possible. Any ideas?


Make sure you use hardwood pallets (the real heavy ones). The lightweight ones that are used for lightweight loads will break too easily.
Post a pic when you build it!

you could easily use lightweight pallet wood for your walls if sustained properly with some 2x3 or 2x4. But not for the structure nor the floor!

Thanks for the tips,I will try asing around for some!
I'll be sure to post a picture.

well pallets are a good idea,theres some woods near where i live and most of the time me and my ffriend collect fallen over trees then chop them up and somethimes people dump old furniture last week we had a dvd player and this week we have a bed ony the wooden frame
go to your nearest tip not a dump sometimes they will give you old things for free i got a bike and a old cabinet botth very useful for projects how much wood do you need? does any of your parents work somewhere were they make things? they probably have pallets and wood
just ask around aswell,neighboors may have som old things espicially biulders but if youre gonna make a tree house put some varnish or something to seal the wood from the outdoor elements


Well my dad is a site manager and is helping me with the project, But he has told me that some dumps may not let me take wood for free because if I use it then injure myself they wouldnt like me to sue them. but its worth a try inst it?

ye course its worth a try how about chiopping down sometrees ? use the logs you could sign like a oath to the dump manager that you will not sue them? whos getting best answr btw

Im not sure. I'm gonna wait untill I get more because I'm not going to start it in the summer. 

but the best timeto start will be the summer?

Ooops, it was ment to say ' I'm not going to start UNTILL the summer'  sorry.

oh ok :) me and my friend have been busy biuding a den out of curoisity where abouts are you? england?

Look for inner city areas  where they're tearing down houses. Lots of serious wood to be had there, and most of it ends up in landfills...

I got about two or three tons of nice sandstone blocks for rebuilding my retaining wall that way, although it did a number on my honda civic station wagon hauling it home and took many trips back and forth, since I could only load  five or six pieces at a time. I wish I had been stronger and could have gotten the really nice pieces, but they were far too heavy for me (I'd estimate many to be in the range of 2-300lbs apiece, since the largest I could lift were around 100-120lbs and many of the others I had to leave behind were at least twice or more larger dimensionally) to load into the car.

One ~1880s house had 2x4 tongue and groove planking on the front porch (porch was ~15 feet wide and three times as long)....also had a front door that was a real monster...~5 feet wide and over 7 feet tall...the house was a marvel when you looked at the details. Most of it ended up in the back of dumptrucks, and most of the rock was pushed back into the cellar space and sealed over with dirt...it's jsut a field now.

Thanks! I'll be looking around for any destruction sites.       :)

free wood is everywhere exept where free wood is'nt!

.  Old pallets have some very strong wood in them. Check local businesses and plants for scraps.

EXactly what I was thinking.  Some businesses get their products on pallets and then have to pay to get them hauled off.  The wood is usually high quality hardwood, a little rough but very strong.

Yep.  There's a whole stack of wood pallets where I work.  But, if you need longer pieces then I suggest asking around at some building stores to find out if they have any reject pieces.  These may be warped or bent and unsuitable for building a house, but may be just fine for a treehouse.