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Freecycyle Website... Answered

this website is a collection of groups that lists free stuff of all kinds. look for the groups in your area. you can sign up for multiple groups. there are always some computer or electronic things that you can pick up from peoples homes for free, and you can list stuff that you want to give away as well. lists can be sent to you in your email. i am going to a house near me tomorrow to pick up a working inkjet printer and 2 working laserjet printers. they should yield some mice motors and stuff. cheers all.




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Freecycle is cool, if you live somewhere we people have too much money + you have an active community there. My brother-in-law stays in London and furnished his entire house, with freecycle, not to mention macs, ipods, gps etc. My problem is that I stay in South Africa, I tried to join the Cape Town community and have been waiting for a reply for six weeks! Also I have tried asking for broken stuff for parts that i need in our classifieds, and you will be amazed at how many people will try and sell you their broken microwave, etc. The thing was headed for the dump anyway, but now that they know somebody wants it, all of a sudden it costs R100! South Africans are the stingiest buggers in the world!


9 years ago

Freecycle is great. I and several of my friends are members and we've got some neat stuff from our local groups.

Can you get computers? Or any parts?

you probably can

(i guess so - atleast i found in the trash 2 complete pentium 4 desktops and lots of pentium 2 - 3 hardware + allmost new 17 flatron + 21 flatron in reasonable condition. sure some1 did not need them)

computers and flatrons - normal dumpsters

hardware - trash of computer repair centers

flatron = flat screen crt monitor (any make and not only lg flatron)