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Where is best place to buy a fan blower motor for a Country Flame wood stove? Answered

My principle source of heat for our small cabin/home is a Country Flame wood stove.  Recently it started making a noise as if the bearings were dry, so my husband disassembled, cleaned and lubricated it .  Presently it is as quiet as ever, but since the stove is a 1982 model I thought perhaps a spare motor might be in order if it wasn't too expensive.  The data on the motor is as follows:  Fasco motor 4-wire, 3-speed, 115 volt, 1.05 amps, type U6381, #7163-6602.  Although it is a 3-speed motor , we never use it on any speed but low.  Any help to find one will be greatly appreciated.  -Thanks Deb


Take a look at surplus center out of lincoln Nebr. for you motor. they have lots of electric motors at good prices

Thoroughly defrost it, your thermostat is probably iced-up.


Thank you sir. We defrosted the freezer thoroughly as you suggested although there really wasn't much ice on the walls at all. All toll we probably got a half a five gallon bucket of ice off the entire 23 cu. ft. compartment. One thing we did decide to do was measure the temp. inside the freezer. It measures around 3 or 4 degrees and everything is nice and frozen, but I'm still not convinced it cycles. But it has been EXTREMELY hot here heat index around 105 to 110 at times and it sits in a hot work shop instead of a below ground basement. As far as throwing it away, we're pretty conservative country people and really not a member of the 'throw away' society. We're also not too worried about the utility bill, We heat with wood in the winter which we cut ourselves off our 403 acres of prime mature timber land. Our utility bill runs from $65 to $80 per month, lower end in the winter, higher end in the summer. How many people do you know can say that. We just worry with our freezer filled with two nice big deer, 500 ears of sweet corn, 20 gallons of blackberries along with other items of hard work. But thanks for your answer and interest. Have a good day--Debbie

2.5 gallons of ice is quite a lot, but you only need about a floz or two to ice-up a themostat.
Does it work right now?


Mr. Lemonie, This site and you are absolutely amazing!! Once again my husband was down in the shed (workshop) changing the oil in his big tractor. This time while he was down there long enough that he actually heard the freezer cycle on & off four times, so your suggestion of the total and carerful defrosting absolutely did the trick. I'm so thankful for you and others like you on the 'Instructables' site. We feel so blessed to have people like you in this world who will help people for no other reason than the genuine kindness in their heart. Thanks so much and may God bless & keep you. Sincerely--Debra

I'm glad that fixed it for you. Some of us do try to solve these problems, and sometimes we can.
Thanks for letting us know


Actually replace the freezer - after 25years a new freezer will be MUCH more energy efficient.

Thank you Mr. Harris, please read reply to Mr. Lemonie

.  I agree with Mr. Harris on both points - it's probably the t'stat (contacts welded closed) and, at that age, the freezer needs to be replaced for a _much_ more efficient modern unit anyway.

Thank you also sir, but the contacts are not welded shut or it would not click or cycle off when I turn the thermostat down or up (less cool). See reply to Mr. Lemonie

Thermostat problem - replace.