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Freezing Grand Central Station Answered

A couple hundred people created an event in Grand Central Station in NYC simply by freezing in place. The event was coordinated by Improv Everywhere, a group that has managed to create some wonderfully amazing events with good coordination, a lot of volunteers, and not much else. Who needs a big budget to do something this fun and memorable?

The plan: Get a couple hundred people to freeze in place in GCS for five minutes. People stopped mid-conversation, mid-stride, even mid-paper drop.

The execution: Flawless.

Improv Everywhere page

Note: my landlord participated in one of their events at a Home Depot. He loved it and if you're near NYC, check out one of their events in the future.


Yeah, I liked when that one guy came up (bottom pic.) and reached out and made sure she was "for real" LOL

Wasn't that guy one of the "Agents" involved with the prank?

Hmm, I thought they ALL were supposed to freeze *shrug*

No. There are other duties to perform. Some will videotape, some will try to provoke responses from passers-by, and some will just keep watch. The volunteers do the freezing since that's easy to explain to a large crowd.

Understood. I wonder what the response would be if they did that at Roswell LOL

You would have cost U.S. citizens a loveton of tax money wasted on sending government-types to cover up a prank.

Um, so no difference then what has already happened there, right ? LOL

what elese do these people do?

Yay improveverywhere !

<3 IE I'm on all their mailing lists =]

I love ImprovEverywhere!

that was so cool

That's amazing! I wonder if Tetranitrate was in that one - I know he's part of one of the troops.

I thought he was interning at Instructables HQ. Or was that just for the summer?

That was just for the summer - he's still in college. Although.. I think he's coming back next summer.

That is awesome. Someone should definately organise something like this in india.

That's excellent! I wish someone did something like that round these parts.

nice. i wonder what the world record for this is though. maybe we can have everyone on instructables freeze for 2 minutes at a specific date and time.

That is wonderful - I wish I'd seen it live.


10 years ago

Cool! xD

That is so cool! You'd get mugged doing that were I live though lol!