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Frictionless firing pin lock Answered

This is something I came across whilst working on my RBG just now. A blockade that stops a firing pin from leaving a potential gun which is nearly frictionless. The grey rod would be the firing pin. The gear placed close to the barrel ( grey connectors ) stops the pin from leaving the barrel, but it can still move freely very smoothly. Just thought I would share it with you guys. To think this came up by accident ;)


This is really cool! I should incorperate it into a gun...


10 years ago

It wasn't really an idea, just an accident. I was trying to make a gear spin a rod, and this came up. I figured out how to do that RBG by the way, only it's not as a reliable as I want it to be... It can hold more then 15 rubber bands and it's semi-auto though :)