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Fried Contest Launches 5/13, HQ Celebrates with Fried Day Friday Answered

We're launching the Fried Foods contest on May 13th. Enter your best fried food recipe to win frying tools and accessories that look remarkably similar to the ones below:

Fried Prizes

Update: We fried food for about three hours today. The fryers are still running, the oil is still hot, and there have been no injuries. All in all, a pretty great Fried Day.

Here are some photos from today's extravaganza:

Everybody hovering near the fryers, along with the Cap'n Crunch that was used to bread fried chicken.

Fried Cap'n

ewilhelm trying out cryofrying with his hamburger patties. Instructable should be forthcoming.
Fried Cap'n


We're so excited about the notion of a fried foods contest, that tomorrow will be Fried Day at Instructables HQ. Randofo brought in a pair of deep fryers, I'm bringing in some liquid nitrogen, and everybody's bringing something to plunge into the hot oil.

Some ideas we're kicking around:
  • deep fried cupcake
  • deep fried oreo
  • cryo-fried meats
  • fried chicken with an unusual crust
  • fruits
I'm particularly excited to play with the cryo-frying technique I first learned of from the series of Modernist Cuisine videos circulating on Youtube. In cryo-frying, you flash freeze the exterior of fully-cooked food, then deep fry to brown the outside without overcooking the interior. But don't take my word for it. Because you can watch these inspirational videos for yourself:

So, anybody have any great ideas for the Fried Foods contest? Are we missing anything awesome?



Let's make this happen! (Just not with MY dollar.)