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From Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, Help? Answered

hey Guys... don't know if I posted with the right category, so i'm open to corrections.

... Need advice in the process from Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, especially Coin Segregation and Coin Dispensing.

... From insertion of coin, Coin Segregation will take place, which will then put individual coins to separate casings.
... and from there Coin Dispensing should be available for each casing. The logic for dispensing would be "1 click to 1 coin dispensed" .

... already have an idea on separating each coin from one another upon insertion in coin slot and then to coin casings.
... the problem would be is on the Coin Dispensing, need help and ideas.

Thanks if replied/answered.


Are the coins:

different in size (I guess so)
Are they different in weight (i guess so)
Do they have other properties, e.g. magnetic, colour, shape that can be detected?

All of these things will allow you to separate the coins, size being the easiest BUT also the easiest to cheat - after all a washer the same size will go through.

That should get you going.

Your skills?
How far have you got.

currency would be Philippine Peso Coins...
budget wouldn't be a problem.,

a total beginner,
not even started bcoz i'm trying to learn what i can before starting,,,

To dispense the coins have a piece of plastic or metal just thinner then the coin. Attach that to a solenoid. This will kick the coin out through the bottom of the coin tube as long as the slots in the bottom are just big enough for the coin.

You know you don't have to put this together from scratch. You can find full coin mechanisms on ebay. Everything from the coin receptor/reader to the coin holders that are able to dispense change. If all else fails you can salvage parts form an old vending machine.

Here is a brand new coin acceptor that can be programmed to accept 4 different coins.

Here is a full coin acceptor and change unit starting at $40

Place a bid in the next 4 hours and you can get this one for less then $30